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Calling on the Prayer Brigade.


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I finished my radiation for the tumor on my spinal cord and that seems to be resolving, pending verification by MRI in a months time. However over the weekend I have developed a tendancy to get very lightheaded and week kneed when I stand up. Ok Ok I almost black out. I have to sit back down quick. Radiation Oncologist says be safe not sorry so I am going for MRI of brain, probably tomorrow, to make sure there is nothing there, will also be having cat scan of abdomen as we didn't check that when the other stuff got checked.

I am looking for your prayers that all the scans are clear. Thanks


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I am praying for clean scans - praying that it is one of those things Fay said. I had that problem after my first chemo cycle and it was caused by severe dehydration which caused my blood pressure to go way down, IV fluids fixed me right up. Take care.

Hugs and prayers,

Nancy B

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