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Remembering Dave

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Faith is three years old today!

BeckyCW got here in good shape yesterday evening and surprised her parents on their 50th wedding anniversary!

I didn't even get to see Faith this morning, left for work before she was awake. She gets to spend the day with her MomMom (what's she's now calling Grandmas) and her Aunt Becky.

And it's a beautiful, humidity free (relatively), sunny day here in central Virginia.

Meanwhile, I monitor the hurricane in Florida and worry about our friends down there.

God Bless us all,

Karen C.

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Happy birthday to Faith!! And YEAH for you and Dave........Faith is out of the terrible two's!!! :lol: Although my youngest daughter, who is about to turn eight years old, has yet to get out of the terrible two's!! :lol::roll: She's a little stinker. Can't you just see the mischief in her eyes?? (in our Avatar photo??) She is constantly making us laugh with her antics.

Such a special day for Faith and the rest of the family. And best of all her grandparents and Aunt Becky get to share it with her. By the way, you do know that you are going to have your hands full after the grandparents and Aunt Becky go home, right???? :lol: My youngest is in rare form after she has spent two or three days with the grandparents.

Have a great day Karen and enjoy your angel's special day!! (wish I would have known, I would have sent her a b'day card)

In my thoughts and prayers~~~


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Dave's parents were with us last year for six months during his first bout with LC. Faith has yet to recover from that solid six months of spoiling! Now we're ready for Round 2, ha! No, it's great, because Dave's mom has a reading teacher (I think I got that right) and she's great with helping Faith with her speech and reading to her, etc., and, of course, giving her all the attention that Faith thinks she requires!


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Ok Connie...I just heard of the "Golden Birthday" thing this year when my daughter turned 13 on the 13th. I thought the person made it up...and here you are spouting Golden Birthday wishes. This means (yikes!) I was wrong..oh the shame...


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Hey, Ginny, yes, we've been in the midst of potty training for several weeks now. I think she's got it nailed . . . sometimes doesn't catch #2 in time, and still needs a diaper while asleep, but other than that she's pretty much mastered the fine art of the porclean throne. which was alot of fun on our Montana trip, diapers would have been easier then, but no, just the week before that trip she decided it was potty time, so I spent the week cleaning toilet seats all over Montana, Waterton Canada and the Minneapolis airport (hats off to the Minneapolis airport, by the way, for the numerous "companion" restrooms throughout the airport!).

thanks for the good wishes, I may have to print this thread for her scrapbook (which is conceptualized but not actualized yet!).


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