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Update on hubby


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My dear Rich has gone into hospice care as of this morning we went to radiation yesterday and it was the hardest day to get him there I had to call my son to takeoff work to come and help me to get him there, we had him in the day before for MRI of brain, when we got him there I asked to speak to the nurse to see about getting help to get a wheel chair for home and they told me that the radiation doctor wanted to talk to me and I just broke down knowing it was bad and told them I needed help and my son said why are we putting him through the last 4 radiation treatments and they said we could stop them, I got on phone with the doctor and she said the MRI showed a large tumor behind his right eye and a few other spots and thats when they suggested hospice they sent him up stairs to get IVs for very bad dehydration and sent us home with hospice. So all chemo stopped and radiation stopped and they more or less prepared us that his body is in the process of shouting down. My 3 sons and I are very sadden by this turn of events. Please pray for him and thanks for listening and I will try to keep checking the board when I can and know that I am praying for each and every one of you. God Bless You all Charolette

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I am so saddened by this. There are no words that I can say that will make this any easier. It is so very difficult and your husband like mine is just too young for this to be happening.

I tried to keep life as normal as possible for Earl. We kept his hospital bed in the family room and I bought an air mattress and slept there. I wanted him to be a part of our life. I let him lead me. I didn't force food or drink on him. Let him eat whatever he wanted whenever he wanted. I even let him smoke the last few weeks. It seemed to be the only thing that gave him any pleasure.

Hospice is wonderful. We did not have the best hospice because basically the hospice from Fox Chase Cancer Center is just too small and therefore did not have enough personnel to really do the job. But I have heard only wonderful things about other hospices. I also didn't know that I could have changed hospices until it was too late and I thought it would hurt Earl more than help him at that point.

If you want to talk more, PM me. If you want you can give me your telephone number and I will call you or you can ask for mine.

I will pray for you Charlotte.


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I am so sad for you and your boys. Ginny has given you some good advice. There are good hospices and not so good, and from what I understand, you have to be pretty proactive to get what you need sometimes as far as man.woman hours for direct care and social work. Mostly because they are not funded adequately by Medicare nor HMOs.

I wish you strength and peace through a difficult time. You all remain in my thoughts/

love and fortitude


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I'm so very sorry, Charlotte. I can still so vividly remember the day TBone's wife called to tell me that they had finally decided to discontinue treatment and call in hospice. As much as I knew it was the right thing, it hurt like hell. I cry simply thinking about it.

All I can say is this - enjoy this time. And if you haven't read Crossing the Creek or Final Gifts, either get to the website (www.crossingthecreek.com) or go buy the book just as soon as you can. It's a hard read, but one you won't regret.

Praying for us all,


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