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CT Results

Joe B

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Praise Be To God is RIGHT! He hears our prayers and loves all. What wonderful wonderful news! And I just want to add that I sure like the new picture of you and Gina. Your a very handsome couple! ((((JOE & GINA))))) But I was honestly enjoying watching the new house go up.

Your smiles are much nicer.

Love & Hugs,


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Congrats, Joe!! Aren't those words like music to your ears? :)

Now you can concentrate on the house again, eh? We're building right now too....in Arizona and we live in Connecticut. :shock: Ask me how nuts WE are? :?

But I will say too, that it's sorta nice to have a consuming outside focus when waiting for test results....and also, simply to give us something else to think about....huh? :wink:

Enjoy this good news...and continued good luck with the house AND the state of your health and these terrific "all clear" scans!!

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Thank you everyone.....

Ry, we will give you directions IF you promise NOT to TP ;)

I will post another house picture update soon. Just didn't want ya all to forget what Gina & I look like :)

We hope to be in the new place by Christmas.

Addie, I couldnt imagine building clear across the country, that must be exciting and yet a major challenge.


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