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A secret Thanksgiving guest


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As much as I was hoping to see him, the sneaky rascal didn't make himself known until today.


I had the PET scan last week, and actually wasn't as worried about it as I thought I'd be. Just came back from an appointment with the Oncologist. Her words: "This is excellent!" The only spot is my mid/lower right chest where the initial tumor was. It constricted my airway, and she (finally) agrees with the Pulmonologist that it's just scarring from radiation, and I might always have this wheeze -- at least slightly.

So, it's back to the Rad. Onc. next week to get started with PCI, then I'm done except for regular checkups. Chest CTs every 3 months for at least a year she says, maybe 2 years, then, "we'll see."

I'm keeping tomorrow's appointment with the specialist still - I very much want to get his take on things.

But, it just doesn't get much better than this!

(By the way -- thanks to all of you for the good thoughts and prayers sent my way. They help SO much.)

Di :D

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Thumbs up all around, Di!! Am so tickled to hear your great news. So...uh.....what you're saying is that this past week, you had one very fabulous visitor AND a turkey too, eh? :wink:

Wishing you NED for the long haul and PCI won't be bad...just make sure you make good lists for any holiday goings on or things you need to buy. Stuff has a way of slipping the memory a little easier after PCI.... :roll:

Say.....what's your name again, anyway? 8):lol:

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