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Sandy blew it!


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Yup - I sure did.

I went for a scan (without telling you guys) and had the appointment today to get the results (without telling you guys).

The chest CT scan shows "some enlargement" in two nodules in my lung. Two minutes too late, he told me not to get upset - sorry, dude, already in emotional meltdown by then!

They're going to arrange a PET scan for me at the hospital to see if they light up.

Really wasn't expecting this and got blind-sided!

I drove home, crying, saying "okay, you had a nodule in your breast that ended up being NOTHING, and then you had a nodule in your adrenal gland that ended up being NOTHING - so maybe this/these will be NOTHING too". But they're in my LUNG!!!!

So, I ask now for your prayers.......

Hugs and prayers to all of us,


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It is so hard to be positive with this hanging over your head. Let us be positive for you. You will be in my prayers and thoughts for the next few days until we hear the good news that these nodules did NOT light up on the PET. Have you got something to help you with your anxiety in the short run? If not, ask. It helps alot at times like this.


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Oh Sandy, I am so sorry you didn't get great news. But as someone mentioned it could be the angle of the scan or it could be like your other nodules or it could be........... any number of things that are not bad news.

The waiting has got to be really tough but you know that many people here are praying for you and thinking about you.

Hang tough. Take a long walk with your dog.

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Sandy.....sending positive, upbeat thoughts that these nodules are also nothing!! Try not to "rehearse" this....and think too, about how you feel. If you're feeling good....that will hopefully translate into things being good, so try to set your worries aside for now and wait till you have results.

I know....easier said than done....but you've got us to help you thru. Lots of hands to hold here...lots of support coming your way.

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The mass in my brain is benign. The mass on my adrenal is benign. I've had 2 nodules and several lymph nodes on/in my lung that were benign. I am praying as hard as I can that this holds true for you, too.

You hang in there. If it is a recurrence there are several of us who will hang in here with you. CindyRN had a recurrence and she is back in remission and teaching student nurses! Nancy B. has just completed PCI and is doing well. Lots of others who are still here after a recurrence.

And Sandy, you may not have told us, but I bet you are on a lot of prayer lists every day anyway. You are certainly on mine.

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Praying for the best! Big deep breaths in thru your nose and out your mouth!! Think of a peaceful place, try to relax.(yeah, I know!!) You can get through this waiting!!!! That's such a hard thing to do, isn't it!? Keep you chin up girl!

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Guest cbysea1

Dear Sandy,

I replied once and it didn't make it so here I go again.

Dear You didn't blow anything!

I pray your scan will read NO cancer .

Sandy you were the first person to help me with my fears and answer my questions on this site November 03. I was just 1 or 2 days into my diagnosis.

God sent you to me then when I needed to hear your caring words the most.

You showed me there was hope when I had none.

I know that your post to me gave me the positive head start I needed to be ready for the most serious event of my life.I owe you so much.

I am praying for you.I wish I could do more for you.

I want to give you the same hope and cheer as you gave it to me.

I will keep reading and following your posts.

I send my prayers and love to you Sandy.


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well, I'm with Angie. I can't tell you not to be upset because that would definitely be the pot calling the kettle black. BUT, you've had two benign nodules before, how about three strikes, those benign nodules are out? maybe you are just full of benign lumps like Fay. I sure hope so.

please keep us posted, and prayers coming your way.

God Bless,


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