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Just wanted to wish everyone the best. I was planning on coming back but someone has made it clear that my kind are a waste of time and I am clearly just in it for the money. Sorry it has come to this but I think it is time for me to permanently move on. Thank you for your hospitality and may God bless you all.

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Dr Joe

I know you are smarter than this. You have many many friends here on this board who not only need you but want you here. Wether you are a doctor or someone with cancer, you are a good person, who has done nothing to anyone. Since the beginnig of time there have always been those few who no matter what the situation, have to make things bad for every one. They are moles, trolls, there are many names for this type of person. Unfortunatly, even here where we need support and freindship more than anything,they are out to make us miserable. Its no different than in grade school, when the class bully harrassed us, called us names.

PLease please look at the people who do want you here. I know there have been quite a few if not hundreds of posts recently to you, letting you know how much we care and want you, need you, etc. You cannot let one person control you. I am so sorry that there really is someone out there, someone who im sure many of us have no idea who it is that feels this way towards you, but would rather they be gone than you. You help many of the people here, by being honest or just taking the time to explain something they dont understand. Yes, we should be able to get this from our own doctor, but you know that does not always happen. There truly are few caring doctors out there. You have a gift, it takes more than schooling to be the person you are. You have true compassion for human spirit, and you are able to care about complete strangers, you give your time freely and uncondiontally, in my book you are a vary rare man.

I beg of you to please not let this person or persons rule your true feelings. You have made to many people happy tonight by returning. Get you a peice of paper if need be, and write down those you want you here, compared to those who dont, I think even without the paper we all know what side would win.

It hurts me that someone out there that we care about has hurt you in this way. i want to hurt them, you do/care more for the people here than this person does in a lifetime. Please dont let them control you. I wish we had a way to just "ignore" those who cause us grief, but alas we do not. I feel this person has so much anger at this disease and cannot be happy and must make everyone as miserable as he. Maybe he has issues with his own doctor, and is taking them out on you. Whatever the reason it is wrong, and sometimes even the best of us can do nothing for these people. Do not let them win, if they do, they will continue making others miserable.

Again please take your time and look around you before you make this decision. I know I am speaking for many here and not just me.

Hand this problem over to God, he will guide you if need be. He knows the man you are. he sees all. May God Bless you.


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Dr. Joe,

We know there are some bully(s)/troublemaker(s) that want to push people around because someone might not agree with them. They are entitled to there opinion and that is all it is. If you leave they win, we lose and frankly they are not worth it. Think of all the fine folks here who care about you, want you here and you are helping. Everyone knows you and all the experts do it (voluntarily) and do not get paid for it. So the HELL with whoever is doing this. They obviously have nothing better to do, just want to take it out on everybody and the whole world. It's a cop out and just cheap shots on there part and all it shows is they do not have much fortitude. The Board is about all of us not just one person(s) that likes to start trouble. And the fine people that work very very hard to keep this board up and running do not deserve this crap coming from some of the cowardly member(s), who need to grow up, SH** happens, deal with it in a more constructive, positive way rather then try to bully/push people around. Please stay.


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I think there are more people who want you here than people who don't. One or two people should not speak for the entire board. I realize that those who lash out get far more attention, but they are few and NOT the majority.

Please reconsider and stay for the people who don't have someone they can talk to about treatments and side effects and new breakthroughs and survival rates... Stay for the people who need you, the majority, don't leave for the few who are always out to rock the boat.

I do my job for the money. I do not see where anything I do "betters" the world except for my (very) little corner of it. YOU, on the other hand, CAN'T be doing it 'just for the money'. The job that you have is heart breaking, no one could ever pay enough for the heartbreak...but the joy? Heck, if they were all miracle cases and cures, you'd probably do the job for next to nothing for the satisfaction of it (can't do it for free, you have a family to feed!).

Some people make assumptions. Some people jump to conclusions. Some people don't care who they hurt, or when, or why. Going through life without a clue or an ounce of compassion is a very sad thing, indeed.

Please hang around for the people who truly need you...because you ARE needed here.


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Dr Joe -

I haven't had to ask you much because of where I'm at in this battle, but I've been thrilled and impressed to see your posts to people still deeply embroiled in the battle of their lives.

Having come too close to the "edge" of this wonderful world, I now have very little interest/understanding/compassion for anyone who is angry/bitter/hateful. For God's sake - everyday is a blessing - why do they want to waste it being hateful?

Pleeeeeeeeease do not let one bad apple take you away from the many people that REALLY need and want you here.

Maybe Rick can block that person from your email/PM - if not, don't let 'em drag you down to their level. You're better than them. We see that in the concern in every post you make.

Hugs and prayers,


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Dear Doctor Joe,

If you need to leave because you feel that this site is taking more time away from you than you can spare, that is understandable and I think we can all accept that. But if you are leaving because there is someONE who does not appreciate you and is tormenting you with hateful e-mails that is different. It is hard to believe(after reading so many of your caring and compassionate responses) that you would allow one person to effect so many others via your help. This just does not make any sense. I know you don't owe us, but we really need to know the truth.

Please reconsider.


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OH Good God! You have GOT to BE KIDDING US???

This just makes me SICK to know that we have someone here among us that would do such a sick disgusting thing!

There is soooo much I would LOVE to say, but because I am a LADY I won't. :twisted::twisted::twisted:

I will ask the person that is soooo disgusted with how the LCSC board is run, to PLEASE pack your sick little bags and your computer and LEAVE US ALONE!! Who ever you are, your a VERY MEAN PERSON! Just PLAIN MEAN!!! GO AWAY!!!!

Joe, I REALLY want you to share with either Katie, Rick or Me who has done this, PLEASE!! This kind of stuff (crap) needs to be STOPPED! WE need to protect the members that need us and want us and we can't do that if you don't tell us who is doing this. I beg of you!

Sad and Hurting,


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Dr. Joe,

I was thrilled when I saw you post an answer to Bo yesterday. And now this....

Some people have small worlds and it makes their views small--, which means those views are inconsequential. You must know that. It doesn't even make sense what that person or persons said.

You had no financial incentive to be here. Nothing about your volunteering to help us brought you anything except maybe some insight--and that only would help you be a better Dr--and you are a darn good one to begin with.

No one has been more help to us insofar as being so knowledgable AND you have the added talent of being able to explain things to us in words that we understand.

Sure, there are things wrong with the medical system--heck, there's something wrong with everything if we look hard enough, but you know that you are not responsible for that. I know it. 99.9 per cent of people realize that.

I am so sorry someone has written ugly words to you. Pls don't allow the hurt they sent your way to hurt the rest of us, too.

Time will take care of them--and so will Connie, Rick and Katie... But also realize that the pain of illness is great. Very great. And sometimes that pain spills over...

Pls reconsider. I don't think Ry is apt to grant a hall pass... so you will be AWOL, lol. And greatly missed.

If you don't come back, I again wish to thank you for the time and knowledge you did give to us. I hope in retrospect that you also were able to get something good from us too.

love and fortitude


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Dr. Joe,

I have been taught that if I give $1.00 to a beggar on the street that I should not consider whether that beggar is going to use that money for booze or drugs because God looks at my heart.

God knows your heart. The majority here know your heart. I am not going to attack the perpetrator here, but rather, I think I will pray for him or her.

I think I have picked up from your posts that you have faith in God, and I think I recall that you are a Christian. If so, I ask you, "Where would we be today if Jesus had quit because of one or two perpetrators?"

"Now finish the work, so that your eager willingness to do it may be matched by your completion of it, according to your means." ~~~~~~~~~~~~2 Corinthians 8:11

Please come back.



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Dr. Joe,

I was really surprised when you can here. My first thought was "Boy is he going to get hammered with questions." Also "What is he going to do when the answer is not what the person wants to hear." Boy you did a wonderful job all the time you where here. The post that started all this was a loaded one. The brave soul you are you took it on. Bless you for it.

I'll talk to Rochelle, I think you should get a hall pass in the shape of a key. A key to open the gates to this forum, if you decide to come back.

You will be always loved here by the vast majority. I am sure you would be welcomed back, if someday you decided to brave this form again. Thanks a lot for every thing you have done for us here.

Take care,

Your friend John.

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Dr. Joe -

I have so admired you for coming here and helping, even though every doctor I've ever heard of shies away from answering questions without examining a patient. I think you've done very well with giving information and letting people know that it is based only on the information they pass on to you and without exams, tests, etc. the answer cannot be complete. You have imparted reassurance when the symptoms are minor and common and suggested followup when the symptoms described seem to warrant investigation.

Whether you continue on the forum is a decision only you can make, but I wish you to know that there is great appreciation here for the time and effort you've contributed.

Another message board I belong to has an "Ignore list" option, where you can put a certain person(s) user name so that you never see their posts. Perhaps you could discuss such an option with Rick and/or Katie. I don't believe there is a similar function to block private messages, but maybe you can turn off the private message function and only give your e-mail address to Katie and Rick. I imagine just answering posts to the board takes up enough time, and everyone here would be greatful, even if they can't reach you privately.

Just a thought.

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Oncodoc, I will miss you. I really enjoy your kind, thoughful, and informative answers that you have been so good sharing with us. Please know that we all appreciate the time and knowledge that you have shared with us. Also please say Hi to Dr. Duane for me. He saved my life! Literally! Donna G

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Dr. Joe-

I just spent 30 minutes typing a long response to you leaving. I am truely saddened that you are leaving and wish you would reconsider. Athough I did not see the post that I believe started this, I heard about it.

Guess some people can not act like adults. The reason I came to the support group was for SUPPORT not to play games or name call or act like I was 12.

I decided to delete my original post and retyped it, I decided that I would not take out my anger in your leaving on the group and would keep my opinion to myself about those who have helped you to make your decision to leave.

I for one appreciate you and all your help, if you can, please reconsider.......some of us appreciate you and all that you do!

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Dr. Joe, I don't think you are thin skinned and I don't think the majority of people on this board think you are either. And if you are, heck, how refreshing! I think there are a very few folks on this board who can't seem to say anything nice about anyone. They attack anyone they can. They're not even happy with their own medical professionals or caregivers. I've been attacked by them myself. I'd hate to see one of these select few, petty, gosh, psycho people run you off.

the rest of us love you and appreciate you.

I do think you should spend less time with us, though. I truly worry about you getting burned out. You have so much compassion.

God Bless you and please stay in touch,

Karen C.

p.s. I think I speak for Dave as well, we just discussed this, but hopefully he'll post, too.

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