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Joining the Tarceva Club


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John had his onc. appointment on Monday and was switched to Tarceva due to the recent stuff on Iressa. Not sure what day he will start the Tarceva because in true Jack Benny style (that means he's cheap) he wants to finish the Iressa

The oncologist said he should get the same results or better from the Tarceva. His CT scan was unchanged and he will have a PET scan in March. So that's our news...things remain stable. Let's all head back to Cindi's Pub for a drink.


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Tell John "Welcome to the Tarceva Bunch!" So glad the scans were still stable. I also had left over Iressa when I was switched to Tarceva. I decided to have them around in case the Tarceva treated me badly, I'd have a back up.

Tell John to stock up on all those skin remedies. Tarceva is not easy on the skin, much worse than Iressa.


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I was so glad to see your post. I was soooooooooooo close to writing to you to see when you were going to get the results. Didn't the delay just drive you crazy?

I'm sure the Tarceva will do just as good a job as Iressa has. John is such an inspiration to me knowing how long the Iressa (and now Tarceva) have worked for him. VERY ENCOURAGING TO ME!!

Thanks, Ry!



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Jack Benny says thank you to all of you for all your kind words.

A hundred dollars plus a pill, Jack says I'll finish up the prescription. Besides Iressa has been very good to me. I am sure Tarceva will be the same if not better.

Four more days and I will be an official member of the Tarceva club.

Thanks again Jack Benny :P (John)

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