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From Bill re His wife

Fay A.

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"I am in the midst of a full blown medical crisis. Not all bad news but too involved and time consuming for me to explain right now. Will do so later. My wife is still alive but it's a VERY fragile situation. My wife was near death, admitted to ICU and intubated. Since then they have removed the ventilator and switch to oxygen and moved her to PCU in order to give her Tarceva. An emergency order for Tarceva 150mg. was made late last night by her med onc. It's all or nothing now and in God's hands. She is extremely ill including resp. distress and renal insufficiency and widespread pain. She is receiving enormous amounts of pain meds plus a dozen other drugs."

Bill has been at his wife's side almost constantly through this crisis. I am hoping that things improve for her once she starts Tarceva. And I think people like Bill, and our Norme, and Ry, and Ginny, and Karen, and Katie B. and all of the caregivers who work so hard and endure so much to insure their loved ones have the best chance at survival deserve special thanks and special prayers.

Hoping it works, Bill.

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Oh I am so sorry to hear this news. Bill I can't even imagine how hard this has to be for you. I hope the Tarceva and the host of other drugs she is on do the trick and reverse the renal failure and respitory distress. Let us know what you need...we're all here for you.


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