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A year's worth of survival and a wee update


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Today, May 10th, marks a year since my original diagnosis!! Somehow it seems worthy of celebration despite not being NED or even done with round two of chemo yet.

So focused was I on this date....that I also forgot, a few days ago on May 6th, that that marked a year ago that I quit smoking!! 8)

I think the two occasions merit a bag of caramel filled Hershey's kisses - don't you? They are my latest sweets craze. :wink:

Anyway...nothing really earth-shaking in this particular "anniversary". I'd much rather be posting that today marked a year of being NED....you know? BUT....I'm here, I'm feeling pretty good and there is a blue, cloudless sky today that makes the budding trees in my yard look brilliant green. If ALL ain't right with the world....enough is, that I can smile...eh?

OH...bloodcounts taken yesterday are up from my crash on Friday. HGB back to 8.7, which is still low but above the "danger zone". Platelets increased from 12K to 62K. My onc has decided though - that in order to avoid my counts tanking again - to cut me from four days of Topo (at 3 mgs a day =12 mgs total) to THREE days of Top at 3 mgs = 9 mgs total.

He assures me this is still a good enough dosage to kick the cancer's butt. Some of you might recall that three cycles of the Topo cleaned out my pancreas completely and reduced the four liver tumors by half...so my concern is wiping out whatever is left. But my onc also wants to avoid the need for more transfusions...which also makes sense.

Anyway...maybe Cindi will pour me a virgin Margarita...with just a drizzle of tequila on top...so I can celebrate this day. You think she would? :wink:

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Oh Addie,

I am CERTAIN that Cindi would be MORE than happy to pour whatever you wanted today!!!! You DO deserve it. AND you deserve congratulations BIG time for the 2 accomplishments - OVER a year of not smoking and a year since Dx. Yes, NED WOULD be better. You will post that NEXT year, eh?

Since your DH is in Arizona, how about we cyber celebrate. I am toasting you, brave warrior. I hoppe each day continues to hold ENOUGH of what is right until YOU are ALL RIGHT- do you know what I mean?

Anyhow, Addie, I am sure this whole board will be thinking of you today. Feel the love.


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Congrats on one year! Are you looking forward to this coming summer as much as we are? We feel like me completely missed out on it last year. Here's to your not-so-virgin margarita!


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Wow! How time flies ... I'm right behind ya. Couldn't imagine a year ago that I'd still be alive and kicking, much less meeting all these new people -- could you? Amazing, huh.

You're a trooper. You've been my biggest inspiration in all this since I first came here and read your posts with their honesty, the accurate and VERY helpful descriptions of the things you went through, and most of all your terrific sense of humor. I had some grim, almost morbid, preconception of cancer survivors and support networks, and I came here and found out (thankfully!) I was way wrong on that count, largely thanks to you.

Even in the tough times, you shine through. Drink whatever you want and celebrate this wonderful thing we call "life," even though it isn't always the most pleasant thing we might imagine for ourselves.

You're due some really good days -- I hope you start a big long string of them NOW!

Much love to ya,


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Congratulations on both fronts, Addie!!! Your positive outlook in life and your supportive nature have been of tremendous help in getting me through some of the tough days.

You always put a smile on my face - but then I'd guess that you're just that kind of person in your everyday life too!!!

Take care and enjoy the beautiful spring and summer days to come. I'm with you about the chocolate, too!


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Your 'tude is truly amazing. I have started knitting again, (we pronounce that with a hard 'k').

Last grandchild is due in Sept so I am making a 'pink' blanket. Feels good to be back to normal and do those mundane things. I think of you every time I pick it up.

One year is wonderful. I am sure this time last year you didn't think you had a shot and here you are beating the living you know what out of this cancer.

Keep it going forward Addie my friend.

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Congratulation Addie!!!! :D You made it to 1 year and now our next goal is another year and so on.

Definetly drinks are in order at Cindi's bar.

Cindi posted the party on a new posting. So I will go there and let her know what I want to drink to celebrate you!!

Great going Addie :mrgreen:


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Hey hey hey..don't know how I missed this post!

Yeah. Brat are buying the first round! Here's to the Brat Pack! clink clink.

Margarita it is. How in the world do you make a virgin one...it's been so long for me that I can hardly even pronounce the word...Vir-gin?

Parties in two places...what could be better than that?

Happy Anniversary, Addie.. and like they say..many more!

Love, cindi o'h

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You're one tough cookie, that's for sure!

Remember, every year - no matter how good or bad - culminates in a free trip around the sun!

Keep doing what you're doing, results are RESULTS!



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Dear Addie,

Anniversaries are great things -- you just have to keep plugging away on making sure that you have lots more of them. Between your good doctors and your incredible attitude, I have no doubt that is exactly what's happening.

And isn't it great that spring is finally beginning to creep into old New England, despite the chilly, wet weather. Makes your marguerita sound fantastic! Go ahead, celebrate!


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