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Dad is now in peace with our Lord

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My dad passed away tonight. He went very peacefully with his wife of 48 years by his side along with the rest of his family. He will be missed greatly and loved forever. And he is a hero in the eyes of many...

Howard E DeMaagd, aged 71, survived by his wife Carol, his sons Tom, Jim, Mark, Dave, Paul, and John, and his daughters Linda and Mary.

His grandchildren, Bren and Mathew (Sons of Linda and her husband Bob.) Jennifer and Ashley (Daughters of Mary and husband Todd.) Nicolas and Zachary (Sons of Jim and wife Leah.) Nathan, Jackie, and Jamie (Son and daughters of Dave and wife Chris.) Ryan, Haylee, and Emma (Son and daughters of Paul and wife Melissa.)

Also survived by his brothers Ken, Don, Bob, and sister Margie.

To all of you at LCSC I want to thank you for being here through this hard time. The nights that I have gotten through just by reading and posting on this web site have been invaluable to me and I will never forget the love that comes from this site. God bless each and everyone of you, patients and caregivers alike. I will keep you all in my thoughts and prayers for everyday of the rest of my life.

I will always love you dad! Today my dad is finally at peace....

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I am so sorry to hear this terrible news. I know how heartbroken you must be. I pray that God will grant you peace, comfort and understanding during the days to come.

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I am so very sorry Mary. It is so apparent the memories you have of yuor daddy along with the great love too will help you weather the storm of emotions coming your way at this time. Please let those memories and love buoy you up and bring you peace as well.

Many of us wish you were close enough to (((Mary))) in person.


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Dear Mary,

I am so sorry to read this about your dad. I know how sad you are feeling. I lost my dad last June and it was a very sad time. I am so sorry.

How wonderful that your parents were married 48 years!! Your mom is really going to need you, if nothing else just spending time with her when you can. I'm sure it's very hard for her to lose him after so many wonderful years together.

May God bless you whole family.



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