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Seventeen Years Ago Today...


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we flew to Chicago O'Hare to pick up the cutest 9-month old baby boy. Tyler arrived happy and hungry with a band on his arm saying who he should be delivered to. He was the happiest baby. Now he's a teenager. :roll: I keep thinking of Debbie Reynolds and how she said to her daughter.."you were happy as a baby, I have pictures!"

Here's Tyler shortly after his arrival. Happy Arrival Day Tyler.


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Hi Ry,

He is adorable. What a blessing.... :D

Between you and Katie, this good news is very overwhelming. I love it!!

Looks like Cindi's pub has much to celebrate...

Enjoy your Tyler, because pretty soon, off to college and a new life for him.

How the time does fly...where did it all go too. I better stop as I am getting a little nostalgia.. and they are both happy occasions.

Congrats!!!! to you, Ry and John, also to Katie and Rick. :mrgreen:


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Tyler is now going to be a senior next year. He plays high school hockey and has a job at the local supermarket. He is a pretty good kid but the teen attitude gets a little old...as Don says.."DUH"! He wants to be a chef, which amazes me because he sure doesn't cook at home....so we'll see. Thanks for all your good wishes. Tomorrow we are taking him out for his favorite dinner (lobster) to celebrate.


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He was such a cute baby, and probably a very good looking senior. I spent so many years waiting and waiting for them to grow up...now I wish they were babies again. Hindsight is surely 20/20! Thanks for sharing the family memory and your very special day with all of us.

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Ry,that is an awesome picture.Even tho it's only 17 years later he is probably still hungry ( a teenage boy is always hungry-that I remember).

PS: How is it you don't seem to have changed a bit (no aging) over that time?.You have a secret formula you would like to pass on to the rest of us.

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