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Mum is in hospital.....UPDATE, not good.


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Hi all

Thank you to everyone for all the messages of support for our family. As you know, Mum was admitted to hospital last Thursday to investigate a couple of episodes of "muddled" thinking and to get her pain under control. It is now a week later but she has gone downhill quickly. :cry::cry:

Yesterday they drained 3L of urine from her bladder using a catheter so it seems there is some problem with her bladder functioning (? related to the spinal metastases and innervation of the bladder), and she is having a CT scan today. But that really is least of our worries. Her cognitive state is deteriorating and I don't want to go into too much detail on this but it is a very, very hard time for all of us. Please keep us in your prayers and thoughts, especially Mum and our dear Dad who this is obviously especially tough for.

How I hope and pray I will have better news for you all soon.



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(((Jana and Karen))),

I am SO sorry to hear this news. My prayers will continue for your Mum AND for you as well. Hope Mum is as comfortable as can be. And and wishing for you continued strength to see you through this rough patch.

Many thoughts and prayers being sent your way.


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Jana ---I am so sorry that things are not going too good for your Mum. I am also hoping things will turn around and you will have good news for us soon.


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