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ABC World News Tonight -Story on women and Lung Cancer

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I just finished giving an interview with ABC world news tonight weekend edition with Andrea Canning about the impact that Lung Cancer has had on my Life. I spoke at length about how I was frustrated that money was not being spent on Lung cancer and that I felt it was imperative more research money be delegated to Lung Cancer. It will air in August.

I don't know how much of what I said will be on the air and how much will be edited out -- but I hope I helped to put a face on lung cancer. :(

p.s. I did mention this website. :wink:

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My oncologist was asked to provide the name of a "younger" woman with Lung cancer who might be a good candidate for the story. I had several phone meetings with Andrea Canning and her producer. It sounds like a good story. I hope they present it well.

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How cool!!! :D

Now...your big problem is gonna be the 2000 or so autographs you're gonna have to give, starting with all of us!! 8)

Seriously....the true face of cancer has to be put out there...and you're it, honey...as much as I am (an older ex-smoker)....so they chose a good person to interview and I hope you get lots of air time, and royalties, and more interviews and then maybe even a contract with Warner Brothers Studios. Then we'll get to watch you at next year's Oscars! :D

And we can all say "we knew her when"!! :wink:

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Thank you, Lisa, for stepping out in front of the camera and speaking your mind. I don't think I could do what you've done. I am not well spoken. Never have been. I admire anyone who can speak well. And I'm so glad you spoke your mind. Look forward to seeing the interview.

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Wow Lisa, that is great news.

I can't wait to see this show and hope it brings out an awareness the public needs to know about.

Can I have your autograph. :D

I know you will let us know when this will air.


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I'm so excited! You must also post on the BAC list I joined recently because I received the same message yesterday or the day before! Now I know it's YOU!

Very glad to have you as our spokeswoman! As soon as you know the actual date and time, let us know!


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I am so impressed!!! You being on nationwide TV!!

The best I ever did was to make the front page of our local paper. It was the day after Thanksgiving and the Wal-Mart opens at 6 AM for super specials. Well me and some of my looney friends went and there I was big as life at the head of the line when the picture was taken. The bad part was the wording under the pic said "A herd of people---------" I became known as the head of the herd to my friends who saw it! :roll::roll:


Love Cindy

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