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Prayers for Charlie


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Need some extra prayers. Charlie isn't bouncing back from this last chemo. treatment. He seems kind of listless. I'm concerned. Please pray for a rebound tomorrow. Also, my parents are visiting. Please give them peace and comfort during this difficult visit. Thanks so much. Take care.

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I'm so sorry to read that this chemo infusion is not as easy on Charlie as the others and he is having a hard time. I hope that the family visit will give him strength and he is feeling better very soon. I know it is hard, but do try to enjoy the time with your folks. I'll be thinking of you and saying an extra prayer for Charlie!

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Sorry I did not see your post Tina,

I pray Charlie had a better day today. Perhaps with company around he felt somewhat better.

I pray for better results for him and strenght for you.

So sorry Tina. Keep a positive attidude, he will get throught this.


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Thanks for all the good thoughts and prayers. He is some better today. He was able to get out some today with my parents (while I was working) to help navigate. Our kids are already back in school and our niece is in the band this year (color guard). They went over to school to see the end of practice. He also was able to go get takeout from a local restaurant for us.

Last night was really scary. He was very listless and still. I know your prayers make the difference in this fight. Thanks again for your prayers, support and faithfulness. Take care.

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