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Getting to Know You....Tuesday


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Pasta, any kind of pasta, with tomato sauce, without tomato sauce, with butter and garlic, without butter and garlic, with Alfredo sauce, without Alfredo sauce, with meatballs, without meatballs, with ..........

Yes, I love my pasta.

P.S. I also love bread, any kind of bread, bread with butter, bread without butter, bread with oil, bread without oil, OK I think you get it.

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Lately? Potstickers or Chinese dumplings, if you prefer....and gazpacho!!

We have tomato plants in pots on our deck. Not terribly productive yet...so yesterday a friend...a single fellow with several "in ground" tomato plants brought me a bag full. They are SOOOOO sweet I could eat them for all three meals a day.

I also like fried chicken and pizza and salads and baked potatoes with everything and cheese and crackers and clam dip with Ruffles (which have ridges~! :wink: ) and angel food cake and key lime pie and ice cream and Chili's lettuce wraps and Thai chicken satay and potato salad like mama used to make and....and....and...... :roll:

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Addie, poor thing, I wish you could find some food that you like!

It's a toss up between cereal and bread (any kind). I could have toast and cereal for every meal. In fact, now that I'm eating alone at home, it's been pretty much cereal and toast. Okay, not alone. Both monster dogs get bites when I'm done. Have to keep up the bad habit Jim started with them so they can still feel his presence!

Ann, Clams? Icky.


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Eggs, chips and beans without a doubt....to you colonials that's, eggs over easy, french fries and baked beans. With of course some bread and butter to make a sandwich of a bit of each with some ketchup!!!

My heritage does not, of course, reflect itself here at all.

Thank goodness I've already eaten lunch or else the next stop would have to be the kitchen.



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I love steak. there are many other foods that come to mind, but I'd pretty much give anything for a really good steak. heaven is a good steak, asparagus and french fries with tons of salt and vinegar on them.

I also have a cheese problem. I am incapable of eating it in moderation. I pretty much stay away. this includes cheese doodles, which are one of the great loves of my life.

crab is good too, I love crab. side-of-the-road Maryland crab shack kinda crab - where you cut your hands on the shell and it stings from the Old Bay.

food. I love food. I quit smoking, quit drinking, don't eat much sugar any more. thank god for food. and coffee, I love coffee.




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Oh man... now I'm hungry!

Mexican is always my food of choice. :lol:

Bread is something I love, but I also have trouble with moderation. After being in Europe for a few weeks this summer (beer and bread with every meal) I had to buy comfy pants to fly home in. I just can't say no to rolls and Nutella.

:) Kelly

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Favorite food, perfect day:

Mark's homemade waffles with butter and fresh maple syrup with a large cold glass of milk.

A snack of warm chocolate chip cookies in a bowl with a scoop of Breyer's vanilla ice cream on top and smothered in hot fudge and caramel.

Lunch to consist of a footlong coney dog and rootbeer at the A&W chain...

Snack of fresh salsa (my veggies making it even better) and chips with a Coke w/lime.

Dinner brings an appetizer of coconut shrimp with pina colada dip and a porterhouse steak, medium rare with fried portabella mushrooms, sweet corn on the cob, a baked potato with lots of butter and sour cream AND a side of Mark's homemade sauted shrimp alfredo linguine. Dessert to be a large slice of chocolate cake and big glass of milk.

Yum, yum! (As if I could eat that and fit into my biggest jammies!)

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