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When the pulmunologist went in today to put the catheter in for the brachytherapy, he was able to go past the tumor--His bronchial tube was UNBLOCKED. The tumor had shrunk a lot! PRAISE GOD!!

The procedure went well and they were able to radiate on the other side of the tumor as well as radiating another tumor close by. Also, his blood work was remarkably good after having chemo. last week. Looks like he will have the procedure repeated next Monday (final treatment) unless his blood counts tank between now and then.

I am exhausted. Will try to catch up here some tomorrow. Continuing to pray for all. Take care.

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Hi Tina,

I am so glad about the news of Charlie. You guys must have been so estastic when you heard that news.

I am so glad Charlie is having his final treatment on Monday.

Continued prayers sent to him that everything will continue to go his way.


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You'll are such wonderful friends! I can't thank you'll enough for your continued support and encouragement. I've had a hard time keeping up lately with all the activities in my neck of the woods. Will try to be more supportive to you'll soon. Take care and God Bless each one of you.

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