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Melanie Russ


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I know Melanie Russ used to come on this site. Well, she lost her year and a half long battle with lung cancer yesterday, Monday, November 7 at 7:35AM. She had a good quality of life up until a month ago. She was having issues with her right side a few months before that, but she was doing pretty well other than that.

She was my sister and best friend and I will miss her greatly. I know she had friends on this site, so I wanted to post. I know at one point, she made a robe for a sick woman and mailed it to her on this site. She was a good person.

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Hi Gale,

I am so sorry to hear about your tremendous loss.

Melanie and I were in Cahoots with the robe for "Justakid" /Beth Yenney. Poor Beth passed away in August from this disease. Melanie sent a picture of herself to Beth along with the robe. Beth said that Melanie looked exactly like her grandmother had in her wedding pictures.

That is an example of the generosity that was offered without any expectations of a return from your sister. She was able to keep in touch with me up until a little over a month ago. She sent some very spiritually sound and moving emails to me. I know for a fact that she SHOT right up into heaven. She is keeping a seat warmed up for me. (I asked her

to :wink:)

She had a very sweet heart and loved her niece to bits and peices. Would that be your daughter? I will post a letter that she had written to me about what is important in this life. She got it. She knew it.

Take care of yourself and feel good that your sister is free from pain and resting in God's precious arms. She suffered for a very long time.

Love, Cindi o'h

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Thank you for letting us know about Melanie. We were worried here that she stopped posting. So sorry to hear about her passing. She certianly was a special lady who was so courageous.

Her beautiful spirit was so welcomed in heaven as they received an exceptional soul. She will be missed so much here.

My condolences to you and her family. Her spirit and inner beauty will always live on.


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