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a spare prayer? (1st update)


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well.....its my turn....

found a lump, its very painful.....

I go tomorrow, Tuesday 11/22/05, to get it looked at or scaned or whatever they do to it.

my insides are twisting.

11/22 update. Have to see a surgeon tomorrow at 1 pm. something is there and its painful and big. they want a surgeon to do a manual and re the mamogram.

another night of xanax i guess.

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Lifting you up in prayer, honey. By the way, a painful, early detected lump is most often a cyst. Most of the time, I don't think cancer lumps are painful unless they are very advanced. I had one probably 20 years ago that was large, red and painful. It was a cyst. They told me to cut out caffeine for 24 hours - I did and it went away. It scared me out of my wits, though.

Hang in there!



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Get some hot water and loosen your tongue from that pole.. that is the only way to do it if you want to save part of your tongue!

Prayers coming. Agree with the rest about pain and lumps.. most often, these two symptoms result in a very innocent outcome.

But, I completely understand an sympathize with your urgency. Do breathe deeply and often.

Cindi o'h

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