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I is still a NERD!!!!!


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Hello my friends. I can't believe my good fortune but my CT/PET today was clear. NO Evidence of Recurrent/Metastatic Disease. I guess you could call it being a NER/MD.

I just knew something had to be wrong this time because I have felt so tired and coughed so much the last few months. But the doctor said,"There might be something else going on but IT'S NOT CANCER.

I asked about an MRI and both the oncologist and radiologist said no. They said there is such a very small chance that I am not still in the empty headed club that they don't want to put me through it until I have some symptom that won't go away. I still have mixed emotions about that.

The oncologist actually used the word infinitesimal to describe my chances of my cancer ever coming back. I will see both of them again in 6 months but no tests are scheduled for then.

Its all because of you wonderful people and many others praying for me that has made this work out the way it has so far. I love each one of you and thank you from the bottom of my heart.

:lol: Nina

P.S. My oncologist said I was probably "cured" from my surgery but he was still very glad we did chemo and radiation just to make sure.

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This is so GREAT!

Please promise you will give yourself a fine gift. Maybe someting glittery or even a special moment with a four year old grandbaby.....Use every breath for positive thinking/energy. NO Cancer cell would dare multiply/divide in such a powerful wonderful grandmother. Love ya,


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