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Addie Update ~


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I know that so many of you are wondering how Addie is doing............I talked to her husband( and to Lib) tonight and he asked me to write to all of her friends at lcsc..............( I hope you all know how much you mean to her)

I talked to her tonight.......she is so typically Addie........says she is not in pain though her husband disagrees....... :roll:

Her mind is still like a steel trap, though her speech has slowed to a crawl. Her husband has to lift her to her wheelchair and then the potty and she worries about him.................Hospice nurses daily will begin Tuesday.

She said she had a lovely Christams...........that 2005 was the year of the nighties..........that she got 15 !! :roll: So typical of her humor..........

Addie is someone that will be terribly hard to forget, wont' she?

I will continue to update you...............

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We need you back here Addie...what would we do without your wit and additude only you could have? We would be tremendously lost. You Addie have lifted so many with that wonderful, special additude that many people envy. So special.

We need you here for all the times you, with that wonderful wit, that is only Addie's, has help improve the lives of so many.

You give so much hope, more than you know. You have changed people's lives with that positive additude, through your belief and the way you can make someone smile through all their tears and give them hope. I do envy you...your so special. I guess I may be selfish but want you back here.

I am really torn here, I want you back but I also want you comfortable and pain free. Both would be ideal! :D

I guess what I am trying so say, before it is too late, Not to say it is,is this, I just want you to know that you have touch my life in a way that no one else has. Been some close seconds, but not like you.

Please hurry and get well. We are here for you. I want nothing but for you to be comfortable and pain free and back with us.

Miss your presence so much!!

Maryanne :wink::wink:

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Oh Addie, I am so sorry that it is time for hospice. We all love you so very much. I hope you get someone to read all of these messages to you and that you know how much you are prayed for and loved. Your Addietude is wonderful and only you would say that about the nighties.

I pray for your comfort and peace. This is hard to accept. Hang in there girl.


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Dear, dear Lib, I am so sorry it is hospice time. You know how important you are and how loved you are to LCSC.

What calendar is the "Year of the Nightie"? I don't think it is the Chinese. Hope you got one that goes with your chicken hat.

Lib, I am praying for pain free moments of happiness for you in the weeks and months ahead.

Thank you Lib's friend for letting us know how she is and please let her know how we care.

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Thank you for the update. Please give Addie my love, let her know she is in my prayers and thank her for all she has taught me about life. I so much want Addie to know that she has touched me and influenced how I go through this with my husband. Her "additude" will live on in my heart and mind forever.

Love and Prayers,


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