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Biopsy Report

Fay A.

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Well, as I feared would happen back in August when the FNAB went so wrong, the mass in the left pleura behind the broken rib is malignant. And the destruction of the ribs is from the tumor. More tests to follow.

Had chemo (Gemzar only) today. Later on I will write more on the subject of FNAB and why anyone who recommends you have it done be told NO in no uncertain terms.

Right now I just need to lie down for a while. The cough makes it feel as if those ribs are being broken all over again.

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I am so sorry about this news. I know you have been fearing that this would be the outcome. Have you got something that really helps with the pain?

Fay, you are always on my prayer list. Now you are on top. Prayers that the gemzar works. Is there any hope of being able to stop the pain with radiation?

Rest well and tell us more as you feel up to it. We love you Fay.


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Gosh, I just don't know what to say. I am just so awfully so sorry that if something CAN go wrong, it always seems to do so for you.

You remain always in my prayers and hoping for some respite from all this bad news, Fay. Please feel well and come and report soon.



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Been wanting to call you, but didn't know when it was a good time. I am sorry to read this news. You are in my prayers each and every day. You need to get your rest and come up with a game plan. Glad you were able to have the Gemzar today.When you get a little more strength, maybe you can post about FNAB.

Please know I am here for you, we all are and just want you to get better. Please keep us posted...

This is aggrevating the doctor's didn't realize this last August...

God Bless, hugs and prayers,

Love Ya,


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Fay... oh, Fay! I'm so sorry about this news that I know you were fearing all along. I pray you'll be out of pain soon and that the Gezmar melts away every last bit of tumor. You rest, stay strong as always, and know we're all praying for you!

(((((hugs to Fay))))


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