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Alan 1 year today


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Well my beloved husband has survived 1 year!!! :D

yup 1 year ago today I sat in utter silence and

shock as the Dr. told us Alan had lung cancer.

Sometimes it feels like forever ago, other times it

feels like yesterday.

It was a challenging year to say the least, but in

many ways Alan and I have been very blessed. We have

been given time to make lasting memories togehter,

time to say how much we love eachother

and Alan has mended fences he felt needed mending.

Not everyone gets that opportunity.

I want to thank each and every one of you for

helping me get through my dark days. Your stength

is inspiring and I hope I have given a little in


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Deb...not thanks are necessary. You have become a wonderful member of this community and have given so much to so many. Alan is a real fighter and I know he has no intention of allowing this monster to win! Thank you Deb...for being here for us! My prayers are always being said for you and Alan.

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Your grateful heart has gotten you over so many hurdles.

Both of you have done an outstanding job over this past year. You have given so much of yourselves to all of us!

Thank you for being here and being there for all of us too.

Congratulations..now how 'bout I set 'em up for you? Ann's buying this round!

love, Cindi o'h

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I am honored to have been able to spend this year with you and Allen, Debbie. My prayer for you both is that you have many more years to be able to make memories so numerous that they cannot be counted.

Glad to be able so spend this special day with you.



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Congratulations to you and Alan on his one-year survival. I know the feeling well. My husband just reached his one-year since dx in December.

May you both enjoy many more years. :D

I second the motion on the "tilting of the elbow 8) ," and a toast to wishes for a cure - or reasonable fact simile - soon.


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