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Peak a boo!

Connie B

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Good Morning Good Friends!

I just thought I would drop in and say Hi and Give a short update.

WOW, having a big problem typing. Fingers don't want to work right! :roll:

First I want to THANK EACH AND EVERYONE OF YOU for your SUPPORT, LOVE, & PRAYERS! I have no doubt they all helped me through this journey, THANK YOU!

I am home and I am on the mend. I got home last Friday. I have good days and bad days. But, I'm still doing the one day at a time thingy!! :wink: It works well. Having lots and lots and lots of pain in my right shoulder for some damn reason. :roll: But, that's the worst pain I have. Can't figure that one out.

Going to my PCP today for a little check up and have my blood checked.

Well, I'm not up to sitting here to long, so I will be back when I feel up to it.


Love, Hugs, Prayers and Support,


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Oh Connie!!!!

:lol::lol::lol::lol: Yes, just seeing your pic has made me smile. I should be saying what a surprise....BUT.....not with YOU! I am not surprised at all that you are here with that addietude! I am overjoyed that you could sit and type at ALL!!!! So rest up and make little short trips to the computer from time to time. So glad that you are 'back' with us all!

Hoping that shoulder pain eases up....maybe from the way your arm was positioned during surgery???? How is your O2???

Love and so many warm hugs that you will need O2 for sure because I am smothering you with them....sorry!


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Missed you, come back when you can stay longer. I'l even bake a cake, ok I'm being a wise bootay. Sorry, hope no offense taken. Just wanted to bring a smile to ya.. Get well soon, really, really miss you...

Going to Vegas for the day tomorrow. Going to Silverton casino. Not crazy like The Strip. We love that place and we can take our 5th wheel and camp at their park. Food is great too...

Hurry back,

Prayers and hugs,


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Oh Connie,

So great to see you back. Take care and do the one day at a time thingy like you said. It is just wonderful knowing that you are on the mend. You have truly been missed.

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