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2-20-06 Fay A.

Fay A.

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I am coughing up more blood over these past two days. I believe this is where the tumor is eroding into the lung, and has been reported in past by others here there may be a time when there will be extensive bleeding. After my experiences of last summer (about 3 pints within a few minutes) my perception may be somewhat skewered when defining "...a lot of blood...". :roll:

I am currently taking Oxycodone for the pain with Fentanly pops as needed for breakthrough. I am taking a med called "Haldol 2 mg twice a day" For anxiety, and very glad to have it. Also Decadron, but no steroid rages these days, and still staging down on the 2 mg twice a day dosage.

I take breathing treatments 3 times a day for the time being: Nebulized stuff. Seems to help a little.

Still nothing big and scarey. Hopefully never happens that way.

I genuinely care for you folks. And I am grateful that you allow me this space.

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OH, AT LAST! your beautiful face!!! you look exactly, pretty much, the way I thought you would, Fay. your attitude remains incredible. the honor is mine, to know you even a little.

although I hate to hear of any discomfort, I am smiling big at seeing your face.

thanks for that.



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I also love seeing your face at last. I remember the back of the "hairless" head that you had as your avatar for the longest time --- and wondered what the other side looked like.

Much more important, I am sending prayers for your comfort during this very difficult time. I'm so glad that you're able to keep in touch with us.


gail p-m

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I am so glad that you posted a picture. Like Aimee, I feel like I have always known what you would look like (I just knew that you weren't the real Poultrygeist!).

Wishing you a restful night filled with good dreams.

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Great to see and hear from you Fay. Sounds like you have a good treatment plan to try and keep you comfortable. We are so blessed that you are on the board. Prayers for you going up. Donna G

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Thank You FAY

for showing the reversed side of the bald head.

You should be able to keep comfortable

and calm, you know what is good for you

and you still control the medication needed.

Nothing big or scary for you as there was none

for Mike, just a slow beautiful transition.

All my love Fay and the prayers will continue.

(Grace Noll Crowell)

My Lord, I pray that through today

I may walk patiently,

Forgetting not that Thy dear hand

Is leading me.

I know not what Thy wisdom, Lord,

May choose for me today;

What the long hours may hold for me

I cannot say.

I only know that I may go

Unquestioningly with Thee,

Remembering That what Thou wilt

Is best for me.

For Thou, O Lord, canst see the end,

While I but see the way;

Help me to walk it patiently

Throughout today.


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Oh Fay,

Your message hits me hard. I pray for you daily and I am so honored that Bill and I were on the receiving end of your prayers too. Peace be with you in the days ahead.

Much love and respect for you and your courage.

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Hey Fay,

I thought of you when I read this:

The Bible teaches that you don't determine a person's greatness by the value of their wealth but by the wealth of their values. Rick Warren

You are a great person Fay!!



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Wow, Fay, you have a beautiful smile and dancing eyes!

I believe I am a better person for having known you. Still wish we could have shared a cup of coffee in our kitchens in our pearls and cardigan sets... Why can't life be more "Leave it to Beaver"?

Thank you.



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