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Another Update--part 2


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Well so far it does not feel like Alimta is our friend. I am hoping John's scan proves us wrong and that it is working and all the side effects he is experiencing are worth it. The second treatment has really knocked him down with extreme fatigue and flu like symptoms. He also has a terrible cough that seems to be worse at night and keeps him up most of the night. Just when he begins to feel better it's almost time for the next treatment.

His scan is scheduled 2 days before treatment #3. He told the nurses he wanted the results prior to the treatment because if its not working he's not doing #3.

So we're hanging in there.

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Has John been checked for pneumonitis? The coughing could indicate pneumonitis, which would require prednisone to clear up. Charlie's coughing has now stopped after being on the prednisone for a couple of weeks. He was coughing all the time and was uable to sleep.

If John's treatment ends up changing, I highly recommend trying to get Avastin as a part of his treatment. It has been a wonder drug for Charlie!

My thoughts and prayers are with you both. Take care.

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Let's hope that all the side effects are indicative of Alimta WORKING!!! So sorry this has John knocked down. How many rounds is he to have, I forget?

Thinking of you both, Rochelle. May John be treated kinder with the future treatments. That's my hope, anyway.


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Ry and John, Lucie just got her second round of Alimta yesterday. She has not had a bad cough, but she has had aching all over from time to time. As posted elsewhere, her eyes tear a lot. We are keeping the nausea down with Reglan and snacks. We will probably not get a scan until the 4th round. Hang in there. Don

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Sounds like John's experience with the Alimta is the same as mine. After the 2nd treatment, results of CT were stable and then the big improvements were a 30% shrinkage after the 4th one so he might want to hang in there after the 2nd if improvement isn' noted.

Good Luck with it John.


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Oh Ry and John, I am sorry to hear the Alimta isn't that magic bullet we had all hoped it would be. :(

I do admire John for giving this some thought in that if it's NOT working then stop doing it. I think that is a wise choice.

But, in the mean time, I am going to hope and pray there is something coming down the medical drug pike that will work for John and can be a new game plan for him.

Your both in my thoughts and prayers.

((((((((((((ROCHELLE & JOHN))))))))))))

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Hi Ry,

This is the last post that I was viewing before I wwnt to bed. This is not what I want to hear when I'm about to go to sleep. :shock:

But it seems to me that there, very possibly, can be light starting at the end of that tunnel. It seems you need to take more treaments before works. What Charlie told us about his experience with Altima sounds just like John's. And he received such a positive result. Also, all our members who wrote to you. So those positive responses to you.

I pray for John's test to show good results, but if not there is always time. This will work!

I know your scared, Ry, wish I could give you a hug.((((RY)))) Your right ya know, wouldn't it be wonderful if Cindi's Pub was real. The strength we would get from seeing each other.

Anyway, this is the next best thing. Letting everyone know that we care. We really do.

I have you in my prayers also, Rochelle,

Your friend,


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