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It's been a long road.....


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I am heartbroken to hear your news. You are such a strong, sweet, warm, valiant woman. I hate to borrow from other posts but Kasey does have a way with words. We all love you because you are you. I will pray for your comfort and some happiness once your pain is under control. I hope many days are ahead for you to make good memories with your family. Like others have said, you gave it all there was to give. I am proud to say that I know you.


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This is heartbreaking to read, I remember when I first joined I was positive you were going to beat

this nasty stuff.

I do know that hospice is great for giving pain


When we had them in for my father they were exactly

what we'd heard they would be, caring, comforting,

knowledgeable, great at controlling pain and so

much more.

Know that they will do right by you.

God bless you and your family.


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I continue to honor your life and pray that your days are easy. I am just plain honored to know you. Remember when you and Beth (Justakid) had those great talks in chat? You had a powerfully uplifting affect on her. I am grateful to you for your generosity with her and with myself.

Cindi o'h

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Hi Teri,

I just wanted to say hi today . . . thinking about you and so much hoping you are getting relief from pain. Do you think your husband or son could post for you from time to time if you aren't up to it, just so we can continue to say hello and send you good wishes.

Missing you, my friend. . . .



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Don & Lucie

I know you have been following Teri.s prognosis and have visited with her. If you hear anything you can update us. Iam sure you will, I just can't seem to get her off my mind today.


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TAnn ,

Iam so sorry to hear how bad you are feeling. My

niece is a hospice nurse. They are wonderful and very caring feeling people. They are a special class of people. They WILL manage your pain. Let them to help you. I will pray for you and your family. Take care and good luck to you.



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