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I just got back from my new Oncologist. The PET Scan does show significant hypermetastatic activity in the lymph nodes in the sub-carinal area (this is where the bronchial tube branches ).

So I be officially Stage IV. Actually I think it is still Stage IIIB. If this was the degree of involvement and spread found at first it would be Stage IIIB. But since it is now 2nd line treatment it is technically Stage IV. And no I am not grasping at straws. :evil: Okay. Maybe I am being a little like Cleopatra, the Queen of Denial.

We are looking at palliative chemo. He will check out clinical trials and I will revisit him in about ten days. He gave me from 2 months to 2 years without any treatment. With treatment leaning toward the 2 years.

Its bad news, but at least the doctor admitted I was cute as hell and my wife thinks I'm hot. That's a good thing. Right?

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PEEEUUUU!!!!!!! Something really stinks! Your too too funny Bill!

I'm sorry though that this bugger is rearing it's ugly head again, or still! I'll just hope you find a good trial that will work for it.

So, again we're discussing this cute issue?? Are you sure you don't have that cute little baby on your shoulder all the time??? :P:P:roll::wink:

Hang in there buddy, I'm sure pulling for you.

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I was told 6 months - maybe a year since I'm healthy. It's been 15 months and other than handling my mets - I live a normal life. I work, I cook, I exercise. Oh and I go for chemo.

My plan is to hang on until they find something new, than something new again and before you know it - I'll die of old age.

Hang in there!


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Maintain the role of Cleo as long as you want/need to. Da Nile can be a very good thing and runs a long distance for many of us.

Please let us know what the onc comes up with as far as treatment for you is concerned, Bill.

Did anyone say anything about your cute little butt?

Cindi o'h

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Ah, yes...Da Nile. It is a great place to be...no worries, cares, etc. Why do people speak of it as if it were a bad thing?

I know this couldn't have been the news you wanted, but you are an inspiration in the way you are handling this.

You keep putting your cute self out there, and let us know what the plan is. I'll be praying for ya.

:) Kelly

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"cindi o'h"]Did anyone say anything about your cute little butt?

lol. Not for the last 20 pounds or so of my life. :)

Thanks everyone. Your support means more than I can explain.

myrnalu, I will have you in my prayers. I'm sorry you had a bummer of a report too.

From now on myrnalu maybe you and I need to just go to the VA. Remember that they, by using antiquated equipment and yesterdays technology coupled with apathetic disregard of the medical doctors, gave me a NED report. I mean the VA and maybe the whole US Government has relocated to DeNial. To think how much money I had to spend on an expensive PET Scan for bad news, when the VA's NED results were FREE!!! Duh, give me the VA any day of the week for always giving those upbeat False Negative results.

Now there's a man with his head deep in the sand. :)

You guys Rule. Thanks.

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There are 62 new drugs floating around the system coming down the pipeline for Clinical Trials Lots going on cause Stem cells aint gonna happen. 2 years is a long time out you know and you know what we say about numbers here :P sending prayers Pm if I can help with anything.

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I am so sorry to read your post. I don't think you are in denial, I think you are just hopeful, and prayerful, and looking at all the posibilities...nothing wrong with that! Stay strong and know I am thinking and praying for you...

God bless,


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Bill,I have had over 3 years so far (and a lot of it good time)after being given everything from 6 months to check into hospice to not much more we can do for you.

And I might add almost all this has been done at the VA also.

Mabe our sense of humor we have goes a long way toward defying any odds.

Bill,keep on hanging in there with me.

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Sorry you got a bad report. You keep grasping at those straws...somebodies gotta pull the long one and it might as well be you! And I don't think you are really floating on Da Nile otherwise you would have stopped after the VA gave you the NED. Hang in there and keep up the great attitude!


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Boy did I love those Da Nile visits. I miss them.

Anyway, I will keep you in my prayers. Remember that statistics are wrong and you are unique. I think everyone here would agree that you are pretty unique, such a great sense of humor :D. Originally my husband was given 9 months with treatment. He lived for 3 years 3 months and 10 days. So Ry is right, cancer grows slower in cute men. :lol: I think we have enough cases that can prove that theory.

I pray your new treatment works miracles.

God Bless

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Sorry about the news, Bill. Just hope that you can remember all of us here who were given very grim prognoses and are still here doing pretty darn good. Try to get back in that fighting mode and take things one positive step at a time. You know we are all here rooting for you.


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Hi Bill,

So sorry to hear about this new wrinkle. Stage IV isn't fun, but it is doable. I agree with the many who said, new stuff coming along all the time. We've just got to stay around to benefit from it.

That's my plan!!

I wish you only the best and if anyone can do it, you sure can.


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Poopy drawer?

Sorry you received such shi##y news, Bill.

I love how when life throws nasty scans results at you, you throw back jokes.

Like my dad always said, "I never met a mirror I didn;t love". I can tell how much you love yourself and your life. You are FINE! And that is not denial. That;s the troof!

I agree with Trish. Bad news shouldn't go to Hot Guys like you or Darrell or ever sexxy chicks like Myrnalou and Joanie.

But we have each other here. Bill, you are fighter and a lover.

WE'll get through this.

Much love,


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Two years is great. It means it can be much longer with different treatments coming out all the time. A lot can happen in two years. I think when your diagnosed with any form of cancer it needs to be a day by day approach on life and treatment. Any of us can be hit by a car, so we have to live each day as it is our last and enjoy what is around us.

God Bless and speak to you in 2 1/2 years.


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