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Some prayers please, updated 9/22


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For me.

I had a mammogram yesterday. Just got a call that there has been a change from last year and they want to re-mammo. Am going in tomorrow. Just a little nervous.

And BTW I am scheduled to leave for Paris and a boat trip down the Rhone on Monday.

9/22 I had the fu mammo this am, first appt, I am not a good waiter (or waitress lol). Still no info and probably not until Monday.

Just some observations: 1. I am going on my trip no matter what the results - 12 days can not be a difference maker

2. And Most Important. I remember how difficult if was with Earl while we waited for test results. But I have a new perspective on how difficult it is when you are the pig not the hen (the old bacon vs. egg). I have a new found respect for all the survivors here.

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Suck a duck Ginny, bad timing with the trip.

I'd say do not worry, but that would be pot calling kettle black. However, remember that so often people get called back on mamograms for changes and it is nothing. I even got called back on mine.

Keep us posted.

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Yikes! One boob smashing a year is quite enough, Ginny!

Don't you just hate those call-backs? Yuck! You definitely have prayers from me.

If I know you like I think I do, any problem that was considering jumping into your boobs has already been eradicated by your much more powerful kick-diseases-a** mindset. It doesn't stand a chance. Besides, you are too busy for such nonsense. Right? Paris and romance are waiting.

Je t'aime,


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I pray all is okay with you. I know how scarey that is. I have been called back a couple of times to do some more pictures and even had an ultra sound and everything came out fine.

Boy, you certainly are the traveler... Italy, now Paris.... little jealous here :roll:

I know you will be fine. Fingers and toes crossed.

Sending prayers.

Maryanne :wink:

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