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Joel's operation on Monday


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Hi all,

Okay, went to the surgeon again and here is the scoop.

The all decided (a group of eight) that Joel should not wait and have this taken out.

They are doing a wedge section with VATS on Monday morning at 8:00. It should take 2 hours. If he could not get to it through VATS then they will cut him :shock: But he assured us that probably will not happen. They will take it to Pathology, analyise it to see if it is benign or not. If it is C they will not do anything at that point.

They will have to wait a couple of days to see if the C is a new primary or from the old one.

Now here goes,

Best cast scenario - Benign of course, since it was removed they will do nothing.

Next case scenario- if is a new primary and they most likely would not remove a lobe they would then probably radiate that area. Not sure about Chemo. If it is IA there is no Chemo.

Last place scenario- it is from the original C- then he may have to go back to the hospital in 6 weeks and have the lobe removed.

The reason they will not remove the lobe now when they find out from the Pathologist if it is C is because maybe they will not have to take the whole lobe out. And better to wait to remove the whole lobe if they have too.

Meanwhile if may just work with the wedge section…. you can always take more lung out but you cannot put it back. And of course they are worried about his SOB even though his Lung capacity is 97%.

So that is it for now. It is wait and see.

If it is 6 weeks and he has to go back to have the lobe removed that will take us again towards the holidays, which has not been lucky for us. 2 years ago in Dec was his first operation, and then last year they found the nodule. Hope things dont happen in three's.

Hopefully, it will be the first or 2nd scenario…then what will another one appear??

I have been anxious lately which is not like me. Don’t know if it is from this, my new job as I have to give a major presentation to a District Manger of Wal-Mart plus all the managers from his stores next Thursday, or just crappy menopause. I just know I do not like the feeling, I never experienced this before and I have to be careful because of my heart condition. I just know that my blood pressure is high and my BP medicine was already increased a couple of weeks ago. I had some Valium put away and searched them out and it does help.

Sorry I know this is not like me as I am always up, so this is new to me. I will get over it..I AM KEEPING A POSITIVE ATTITUDE!!!!

Of course will keep you posted.


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God bless you. That I guess, is what a caregiver that cares for her husband as you do for Joel, has to go through. It must be very hard on you and make sure you take care of yourself, too. Caregivers don't usually have anyone watching over them. I will

be holding special thoughts for you and Joel and pray for the "benign" case scenario.

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Honey, you have every right to be out of sorts and anxious with all that you have going on. Prayers for both you and Joel and that Joel's surgery goes well. I hope you both can go Saturday and that he can be wide awake and listen as you tell him how you "wowed" walmart.


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Prayers , Positive thoughts Hugs for support for Both of you and Of Course Praying For B9 B9 B9!! Let us know and So glad there is a plan in place.

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It is impossible to not worry and be anxious from time to time when we don't know what the outcome will be. Try to take a deep breath and do a couple of special things together this weekend. You know you have a great surgeon and your husband has been through major surgery before and came through fine.

I look forward to reading good news from you next week.



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I vote for stress as being the culprit Maryanne. I think it is the not knowing that is hard...not knowing which way things are going to go and where you will be afterwards. I hope it all goes well. We will all be thinking about you.

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It looks like a good plan. I think since the thing is right a the tip of his lung, they must think a wedge resection would be adequate if it is a new primary. I hope it is benign. I would have confidence in this plan if it were I.

I hope your anxiety subsides as events unfold and you both get back to a more normal routine.

There is always the possibility that cancer can come back but many live out their full lives to die of old age after one or two bouts. I have always believed that I would live to an old age.

I hope you and Joel both have many happy years together to come.

Don M

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My good friend,

You will do an awesome job w/ your presentation.

YOu will be able to get some rest and regain your equilibrium.

YOu are a strong, loving, giving, encouraging, wonderful woman. All of us are here for you and care about you and Joel.

Daily prayers for you and hubby and uploading all kinds of positive energy and strength.



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