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Joining WBR Club


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Well, it seems that I will start my new journey on Monday a.m. I saw the radiologist today and it went well. I feel extremely positive, even though what I have is slightly different than most, being it is on the outside of my brain, to put it simply.

I know there is a bunch of us that recently joined this club and/or about to and I've been thinking about you all.

I'll get a real short funky haircut this weekend and maybe even a new color until its gone. That should be fun.

Let you know how things go.


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Hi Joan,

I suspect I'll become a member, too - and we both need to do what we need to do. I'm glad I have a respite until after the holidays for a decision. And I am staying hopeful that I might be fortunate enough to show no change with the next MRI.

I have "thinned" my hair to the point of almost no hair - and I've purchased a few wigs. Usually, I wear them to dinner - but just use a hat most of the time. Son haircut is needed for me!

I am sorry you need to go through this, and hope you find it not too difficult. When/if you have a chance, please let me know how the radiation goes day to day - fatigue level, burns, etc. I assume you're on a 3 week plan?

Very best wishes,


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I am praying for you and hopeing that you only have very mild side effects. I had my Gammaknife procedure today and for know I was told I would only join the WBR club if this doesn't work. Would love updates on you do with this and the effects. My thoughts are with you as you proceed and my expecation is that you will handle this fine as you seem to be so very strong with an incredible attitude.

God Bless,


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I will be thinking of your Joanie and just know that you hold a special place in my heart.

I have my boxing gloves on with you to help you knock out this demon once and for all.

You have a wonderful attitude and you are one the bravest woman I know.

Continued prayers sent... more on Monday.

Maryanne :wink:

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I haven't been on that ride but hope yours is easy. They tell me you will be tired so less hair might be a good thing...no fussing with it each day. I am just kidding about the hair...I lost mine for a while and I didn't like it at all. There are some pretty good wigs out there though and some really cute hats. Prayers that this works and that you feel well through it.


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Jaonie....I'll be saying lots of prayers for you as you begin this "new journey." Knowing you have so many wonderful people from this board cheering you on should make things a lot easier! Just remember how loved you are by all of us!

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