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Treatment for Alan Starts Tomorrow


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We just returned from an appointment with Alan's medical oncologist news not good :(

The cancer has re-appeared this time in the Right supraclavicular lymph node. 2.5CM

As Alan has not handled chemo well in the past he will start radiation tomorrow. We have an appointment

at 11:00am to determine the number of treatments. Alan will have a bone scan on Friday

to rule out mets to his right shoulder that has given him tremendous pain.

Dr. is hoping the new tumor is pressing on nerve and that is causing pain, not cancer in the shoulder itself.

Alan is a bit down tonight, but we have fought this battle before and we will fight again.

Please say a prayer for him, he is my life and for the 1st time I think he is really scared.

Not the way we had hoped 2007 would start out for us.

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Oh Debi, this is not the news I wanted to hear. I can't believe after all he has been through, he has to do this again.

I am glad that he is ready to fight as we can "Never Give Up" and let this beast get the best of us. Put those gloves on and starting fighting. He has a great person in his corner. And we are all in the audience rooting him on.

Please know that we are always here to help you through this. Please vent at anytime as this has been so hard for you. I am deeply sorry you had to hear that news. It just crushes your soul and I know how heavy your heart is that you have to watch him go through this again. But we do what we do for our love ones. Just know that we are always here for you.

Prayers sent for your Alan for healing and you sweetie for strength.


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I am so sorry that you have to start the New Year with this news. The good thing is that your doctor already has you lined up for treatment. I will be praying for you both.


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I know how you feel, it's such an uphill battle and it never ends. Tell Alan I said, he can do it, he has endured so much and don't give up now. This road we go down is so tiring and some times you just can't take any more. Just take this moment as one of those bumps in the road. I'm praying and thinking about you and Alan.


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I'm sorry to hear this Debbie. Did you have the node biopsied? I know sometimes those nodes can become inflamed from infection. The good news is Alan has been away from treatment for over a year before this recurrence. Sorry he doesn't tolerate chemo to well, as this resolved my Dad's node issue. I wish Alan good luck with the radiation.

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Debbie and Alan,

I will be praying for both of you.

It is really hard I know. After reading the attached profile I must say that you both have been through so much. This is another battle perhaps, however we are all here with you both.

Thinking of you both,


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I am sorry that alan has had this setback Debi. It is disheartening to face more cancer and more treatment. I just wish that Alan, me and everyone else could be cured. I think I have learned enough of life's lessons from my cancer and am sure everyone else feels the same way. Alan has my prayers.

don M

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