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Lucie's Birthday

Don Wood

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Today, March 15, is Lucie's birthday. She would have been 70, and I really thought she would live to see it.

I did not want to dine alone tonight, so I invited family to join me for dinner out. My daughter, my older son and his wife and my granddaughter joined me. We all shared stories about Lucie and enjoyed the company and food. It was a good thing to do for me, and hopefully them as well. Don

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I am glad you had a pleasant time surrounded by the ones who loved Lucie So Much and hope you are well. She was there!!

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You are such a wise man. Spending dinner alone would have been unbearable. Having dinner with Lucie's and your kids probably left your heart a bit lighter and that time between dessert and sleep a bit less painful.

Hugs to you, from the frozen north country,


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We missed Lucie's birthday, Don, sorry. For sure it had to be a bittersweet day. Hopefully spending some quality time with your children helped lighten you heart just a bit. I'm just so saddened that Lucie did not make this milestone in person and had to attend in spirit only. You are a remarkable guy, Don.


Kasey and Fred

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Don, It must be very hard to be separate from someone you've loved for 47 years. But we have to believe we will all be together again someday.

And we will have so much to tell each other. I look to that day when I will be reunited with my Mom.

Prayers Don,


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