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Update on Alan and I


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Hello my family, I know I have been MIA for awhile, but it was a stressful month of March.

First off Alan is doing very very well, so it was not his health that kept me away.

What did keep me away was my employment situation. If

you listen to the news or read the paper, my company

has been headline news in the business section. I

work for New Century Financial, which was at one time

the 2nd largest Sub-Prime Mortgage lender in the country.

On Monday we filed for BK chapter 11 and laid off 54%

of our employees. I was on the verge of no job and

worse, no health benefits to take care of Alan. 3200

employees lost their jobs, but God answered my prayers and I was NOT one of those unfortunate ones.

So in short, I am still employed, Alan had a wonderful check up yesterday

and we are celebrating 15 years of marriage today.

My life couldn't be any better at this very momement.

Thanks to all of you who have kept us in your hearts

and prayers. Although I was physically away for awhile you all remained in my prayers.

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God truly is good, isn't He, Debbie?!?! Glad you are employed, happy about Alan's report, and so pleased you can celebrate this milestone without any extra worries.

I agree with Tina, though, keep your eyes and ears WIDE open! I will raise a toast to you as soon as my own DH returns from his errands. You lightened my heavy heart today! Thanks.


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