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Hi all,

I got a call from my onc today with my latest CT scan results. They showed progression in both my lung and liver, so I am going to stop my current therapy and gear up for something else. I don't know what the game plan will be yet as I just had chemo on Monday, so I need to wait 3 weeks for my counts to come back up before I can start anything else. So I get a few weeks off. I appreciate all your prayers and good thoughts. I'll keep you posted.


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Oh Sharon,

I am so sorry to hear this. You have been such a trooper thoughout all this. I know you'll enjoy the next 3 weeks off but I also know your brain will continue to work a little overtime. It's good and it's not so good! :?:roll::wink:

Your Always in my prayers and I too hope they will come up with a good game plan that works just for YOU!

Hang in there and have a Nice Easter!

Sending prayer and hugs,


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Sharon, I am sorry that you still have a battle on your hands. I am praying that this next round will be highly effective. Hang in there and enjoy your Easter weekend with your grandkids. I hope the Easter bunny will leave you a special treat.


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Sharon, I'm very sorry about the progression. But as I understand it, just about any treatment can stop working after a while if the cancer is able to mutate sufficiently. If I'm reading your profile correctly, you had a successful 8 months with Avastin alone, which I think is pretty good, then less success with Alimta and Cetuximab. I'm sure Avastin will stop working for me too at some point, and then my onc and I will have to look for something else as you're doing now.

Wishing you the best!! Aloha,


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Sharon, I'm sorry to hear the Avastin stopped working, that's just rotten. I am praying that your doctors will find the right treatment to knock this thing out of the park.

On this Easter weekend I believe that miracles can happen, for all of us.


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