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You won't believe this one...


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So after weeks of John coughing up the most God awful junk - today they finally have a cause-- aspergillus. When this first started he told the doctor that the stuff he was coughing tasted like yeast. The first couple of cultures came back negative and finally the sample taken during his first brachytherapy treatment came back positive. This has been going on since July. Anyway, he started the medication today so hopefully it works quickly.

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Hi Ry,

I'm glad you've finally got a diagnosis, and hopefully he'll be better really soon. Poor John, I hope this goes away for him quickly.

Not that aspergillus could possibly be desirable, but I remember when I was first going through all the diagnostic and denial of all this, I was thinking (wishing)it was aspergillus or histoplasmosis, or anything but LC.

Let us know how he's feeling.


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Thanks guys. John started the medication and it makes him very tired. He is also coughing up the gunk like crazy. I hope that means the meds are working and his lungs are clearing. It is a nasty fungus. He will still go through the brachytherapy - but hopefully it will be easier without the aspergillus.

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