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Dick passed away today

Guest Cheryl Schaefer

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Guest Cheryl Schaefer

Well, from what looked like a good outcome didn't happen. Dick's lungs just couldn't make it. He passed away peacefully this a.m. I want to thank all of you for your thoughts, information and prayers. I will still be on to check up on all of you. If any younger folks are reading this, I encourage you to quit smoking. If you live through an experience liek this, and I'm also a fellow smoker, and if it saves one life out there, I encourage you to think about it. My husband would have had, according to the doctors, another good 20 years or so if he hadn't smoked. His life was taken early...much too early...and there are many here who have experienced this pain and suffering at a much earlier age. Thank you all for being there for us.


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I am so sorry. My heart goes out to you and your family.

If I could make the pain go away I would. May God be with you at

this time.



You are always here with me

You’re in my heart and in my mind,

You’re in my reverie

All my dreams and thoughts are all of you

All the memories we made, our whole life through…

When we are apart,

I’m part of you

You’re part of me

Always know our love will last right

Through eternity, for you will always be a part of me

Know that when we have to part

Just always keep me in your heart

Close your eyes and I’ll be there

You wait and see…

I’ll be the sun that warms your heart

I’ll be the stars that show the way

I’ll be a gentle breeze to blow around you every day…

I can never go away,

The memories made are here to stay

And I’ll be here with you forever and a day…

Please know that I am always there,

And our love is everywhere.

Just close your eyes, reach out for me,

And I’ll be there when a love is meant to be

It goes on past eternity,

And so my love for you …will always be.

You are always here with me.

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