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Harry has a CT scan tomorrow


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Please include him in your prayers.

He's still having a lot of pain in his side, near his ribs, which is where the main tumor is located in his left lung.He's also VERY short of breath - worse then ever.

I'm hoping it's just something like scar tissue or radiation damage that's causing the problem.

We'll get the results in the afternoon, at the appt. with the Oncologist, so at least we won't have to wait days and days.

The doctor doesn't wait for the official radiologist's written report any more. We just look at the new CT pictures, next to the old CT pictures, and go over whatever we see that's different. Then he tells us what he thinks it is, and so far, he's always been right.

Nerve-wracking times, once again.

Thanks for the thoughts and prayers.

Hope you're all doing as well as possible today.


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Lots of us having scans this week.........so lots of extra prayers for everybody. In addition to the prayers I also add hopes that the report does not confirm any fears, but that things are progressing in the right direction. Maybe the Pub should be transformed into a chapel this week........sounds like that would work.

Good luck!


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Thanks, and since we're all on our knees here in the Pub, :wink: let's remember Liz13 in our prayers too.

She's in the hospital again ~ since the day after Christmas.

I hope we ALL have good scan results this week.

Thanks everyone,


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