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3rd time that I am trying to write & boom disapeear.I had a really bad week, one day I couden't get out of bed,and not for the monster but for terrible panic attacks & depression. So.....I figured out that if I want to live, this thing has to get out of my head & ysterday I start with a shrink in the cancr center, she is nice & knows what she is talking about. Maby I will be a really happy, happy bucky

Have a good weekend. On my way to a Lacrosse game

hugs bucky

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Hi Bucky,I hope you the very best with your counseling.This damn cancer not only effects our health and pocketbooks but the mental stuff is horrible. The main thing that helps me the most is I try to think(Well Im pretty sure nothing real bad is going to happen today and I will take care of tommorrow when it gets here).

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So sorry to hear you're having a bad time. I, too, sometimes have days where I cry and I just can't get this whole thing out of my head for more than a second!! I agree with you - I want to live, but I want to live happily!!!

Keep us posted on how it goes.

Hugs - Patti B

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Oh Bucky, sometimes we just have to do what ever it takes to get us through the ROUGH spots. I only wish as a friend that I could make this all better for you, but all I can offer you is my ears, my eyes, my shoulders, and all the support you need. And I offer my love as a friend.

Your going to be okay my friend, it's just a bump in the road. (((((((((BUCKY))))))))))

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Dear Bucky,

You are so very smart to get help.

So much of living with lung cancer is taken up in our minds and emotions.

Seeking help is a first step in securing our peace of mind to be able to enjoy our lives. More and more people are realizing that, and know that taking care of the body is only one part of the equation that makes up the whole.

May you receive that peace of mind, and enjoy those Lacrosse games.

Sending you a big (((Hug))),


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Hi Bucky,

I've never written to you before. I'm kind of new to this cancer thing. My guy Hank recently has been diagnosed with it .

I'm not even the patient, but one of the first things that I did when Hank was diagnosed was I found a shrink

for ME! It really helps to be able to talk to someone that you know has the professional skills to help you.

Talking it out just helps so much, I know you will find relief. The worst thing you can do is lie around, you must stay busy with whatever it takes to take your mind away from cancer.

Wishing you a better today, and tomorrow .......


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I'm sending prayers to you sweetie and I hope you are feeling better. I certainly have those days and thank G-d I don have this dreaded disease. But I certainly know the feeling.

I have a good feeling that this person who is helping you will do the trick.

I hope you are feeling better today.

Thinking of you


Also just a suggestion to you and others, if you are going to post and the post may be long (or not) first type it in word, then all you have to do is cut or copy and paste into your post area.

I have been through that frustration of typing a new post or a response and then lost it. Seems to go into cyberspace somewhere :roll: Drives me crazy, :shock: so now I do it this way especially if it is a long response. You can use spell in word.


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Bucky, my friend - we need you and your wonderful spirit here in full force. Please do everything that you need to do to look after this problem and overcome it. I do understand it - I have had my own internal struggles and bleakness since my husband's diagnosis. It's a tough problem. I am with you in spirit as you work through this! Mary Colleen

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Hi, Bucky.

I was dx'd back in 01/07; and for the first nine months I tried to control my emotions and thought patterns all by myself. :(

In 10/07, I finally got smart and began seeing a therapist weekly. He has been invaluable in helpng me identify my "crazy-making" logic :twisted: ; and gain perspective as to my situation. :roll:

I recommend therapy, as well as local cancer support groups (in addition to online forums), to all my fellow lung cancer patients. :) Trying to manage this condition alone is nigh to impossible, and although our family and friends try to be there for us, we all also have a (normal) tendency to try to protect them. :?

In individual therapy and support groups, "protectionism" is not a factor. Instead, we are able to work on our own issues, thereby helping both ourselves and our family members and friends. :)

Good luck to you and congratulations on smart choice! :D


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When the body is sick we see a doctor

but when it is the thinking that is affected

we just wait and hope for the best but

that only brings more trouble.

You did the right thing is seeking help

when you needed it.

Better days ahead.


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Bucky; I hope the therapy helps you find a way to start feeling good again. I have had the same problem. After 4 years of dealing with the lc, I started having anxiety and depression. I have never seen a counselor, but 20 mg of lexapro a day and one xanax in the evening help. It is pretty much under control now.

Don M

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