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Scan results


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Hey Friends!!

I wanted to share with you guys the news from my scan and onc. appointment yesterday.

The scan results were great and my onc. told me that I was his longest Tarceva survivor. 4 years and counting.

I was wondering if any of you know what happens after 5 years on Tarceva.. Do you just continue to take it?

He said he may wean me off of it, but that scares me a little..

Your opinions would be greatly appreciated.

Love and God Bless!!


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Sorry Jamie I cannot answer your question but CONGRATULATIONS on the good news. You are such an inspiration on here for everyone. From all your advocacy work, willingness to help others, to your positive attitude. It is so great to see you get these results.

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Hey, Jamie, :D

Your news is fantastic, terrific, wonderful, and every lovely adjective - imaginable.

As to your question, I don't know anything too much about Tarceva. We're presently doing it for Bill after four years of having received a few other regimens.

My human, layperson's thinking would be:

That the first thing, and every thing thereafter, would be to research through to see how many were weaned, and how they did with that. I am sure Dr. West would have insight into that.

You are truly blessed with your results, Jamie, dear, and it is music to my eyes to see them. I love seeing good news. It does my heart good.

Love you,


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That's great news Jamie.

I would say that if you are the doctor's longest patient on Tarceva, you've got a good shot at being LCSC's longest poster on Tarceva..lol..

It seems to be similar to Colleen's Zometa, as she's reached the point where the studies stop...

They're all good things.


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WOW! - WOW! - WOW!


You are such an incredible inspiration to me and everyone here !!!!!

I can not tell you how much this news means to me as a tarceva user - such hope!

As JB says - you are charting new territories - so I have no idea about your tarceva question - I always assumed I would stay on it as long as it continued to work.

I am so so happy for you -

Peace - Janet

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According TO Debs Oncologist, Tarceva was designed to be a maintenance drug. Its function was basically to control the cancer much like Insulin is given to control Diabetes. If this is the case you would be a poster candidate for the Treatment Plan...

Oh and so I dont forget..........


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Jamie, your whole case from when you first came on until now is amazing. I know so much of this is contributed to you. You are so special and you give so much of yourself in fighting this horrible disease.

You're "fighting for a cause" and winning. I'm so proud of you and so glad you have your docs baffled with your progress!!!



4 smilies beaming for 4 years.


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