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One year today


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Not making a big deal of it, not tempting Fate...

One year ago today, at about this time, I was SLEEPIN', nekid on a cold table with one arm distended over my head...and everyone was worrying about me but me.

Hebbie and BeckyG, waiting for your additions to the timeline here...

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Hmmmm........Two years ago today ~ I met my husband! :D

However.....One year ago today I was preparing myself for upcoming surgery -- which took place on Feb. 17th, during a crazy blizzard. Oddly enough, I will be having my next CT Scan on Feb. 16th and my Onc. appt. on Feb. 18th -- which will leave me all day Feb. 17th ("Anniversary Day") to wait and wonder. :roll:

Happy Anniversary Becky! May you celebrate many, many more!!!

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Becky, CONGRATULATIONS!!! It was four years ago today that I was being wheeled into surgery right about now (10:30 am in California). I woke up this morning with a myriad of feelings.....thankfulness yet a moment of dread when I thought about THAT DAY. Just keep moving onward and may you have many,many more anniversaries.

Nancy B

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What is it with FEB!!!!! I was diagnosed with sclc on Feb. 16, 2001. 2002 Feb was good, Feb 2003 I had a relapse of the cancer AND fell and broke my leg. Feb. 2004 I have a CT on the 12th and the Dr said he will call me if there is anything on it (there is a large lump in the rib area he is looking at). I REALLY do NOT like Feb! But every Feb means another yr behind me. Now it is

3 YEARS!!!!!!! since diagnosis

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My surgery anniversary is February 14. Curtis tells me that I am not getting anything for Valentine's Day--it was one of the worst days of his life and he doesn't want to acknowledge it. I still have never gotten a straight answer about why I woke up from that surgery with all the lobes of my lung still inside my chest. (The plan was not to do a lobectomy if there was cancer in my lymph nodes, because it was better to start chemo right away and then do surgery later. But once they had to crack my sternum to deal with a hemorrhage, that argument went away--I got the recovery time before chemo anyway!)

Chemo tomorrow. Next month I can celebrate the first anniversary of my first chemo treatment.

Today I am celebrating that I am giving exams today, so I can sit in class and stare into space because I am SO SLEEPY!

Take care, everyone,


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Happy Anniversary to all February Survivors.

Snowflake, I hope you bought yourself some jammies with feet to celebrate your official first anniversary. :)

Heather, I hope you can spend the 17th celebrating your survival instead of worrying. Have a mini-party for you, your son and your new husband! Make cards for them congratulating them on how lucky they are to have you as their Mom and Wife. :)

Nancy B., Happy 4th anniversary! You're proof postive that long term lung cancer survivors are around and doing well. :)

Cindy RN, Happy anniversary to you, too. You're another example of those I look up to on this road we all travel. :)

Beckyg, Happy Anniversary coming up for you. I understand why Curtis would want to forget LAST February 14th, but there's all those OTHER ones you two have shared. Don't let him off this easy...it sets a bad precedent for all the FUTURE February 14ths. Think of the chocolate! :)

You're an amazing group of women.

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I have been thinking about that a lot this week. There is probably little hope for me that V-Day will always be clouded with what was the worst day of my life. The one day through this ordeal that was probably tougher on me than on Becky, who was pretty well drugged up. But to just abandon V-Day would be in some way to give into the fear and despair that it represents. So I will probably drag myself to the florist. I think it is too much to ask for me to be excited about it, but I vow at least to not mope all day. Next year will be better.


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I'm not sure if it's appropriate to say I'm "happy" you're all having these anniversaries in February. (Wouldn't it be better to just leave Feb. for Valentines Day and Presidents' Day, and have nobody have ANY cancer days?!) -- But anyway, "happy anniversary" to all of you. Wish I could send you all one big Valentine's card!!!


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