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Hi Everybody,  I had my 3 year surveillance scan last Saturday and I was doing really well until today!  I was feeling like results should be in by now. and I'm starting to get anxious. I e-mailed my pulmonologist and she e-mailed back that the pulmo scans are reviewed by specialized radiologists so they take longer. Seems like previous ones didn't take this long! So I guess I just have to sit with it.


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What?? That doesn’t sound right to me.  Most cancer scans are read in the same day. Hmmm. In rowing it’s persistence, perseverance and patience that pulls you through but sometimes that third “p”’is a pile of crap and you just have to be pushy.  Push, push, push!   Your results are probably in somebody’s email box.  No point in trying to chill out in the spa.
When I got peeved at my coach I used to say I’m pulling my Princess Card.  (My alternate 3P peeved, Princess & push back).  Go get ‘em, time to rattle the cages.



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Thinking of you Bridget. 

We will be in the waiting game next week...CT on Monday and she gets results on Thursday. I'm really nervous about this scan for some reason, but mom is cool as a cucumber, as usual!

Sending positive scan vibes you way! Hugs to you my friend!

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I am so glad that your results are wonderful. I am just starting the whole process, waiting for brain MRI to make sure my newly diagnosed lung cancer has not spread to the brain. I hope I get good results also.



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