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Hello one and all :-)

Its nice to kibbitz with you again. Been a while. Wanted to say that I went to my onc this past Monday and got the results from scans of brain, neck chest, abdomen and pelvic region, as well as a bone scan, and everything is clear. I had been worried because of increasing pain in neck and shoulder region as well as lower back. So good news there. We don't know what is causing this, but the doctor has ordered up an MRI of the whole spine so we will wait and see.

My hearing has progressively gotten worse. I went to an audiologist and they have referred me to an ear, nose and throat specialist. Here's hoping they can remedy this as its been quite a burden. Ear phones aren't they answer I was told.

Nausea under control (thank God) and appetite returning. Even gained back 2 of the 20 lbs i lost in a short time.

So all in all, much to be grateful for. Do not for a second think that I don't know the reason for all this good news and that's you and your prayers folks. I truly believe in the power of prayer and am eternally

grateful to you all for them. Keep em coming my friends!!

God Bless us All,


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WONDERFUL news, Francine! Come back to chat....miss ya! I promise to be good...mostly....if I can...I'll try.... Oh, HELL, c'mon back and join in the mischief (er, as Ry keeps reminding me, join in for the GLOBAL ISSUES, POLITICS, Saving the rain forest, saving the whales, saving my as* ...well, you know..)

Great to see your smile again!


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It was so great to see and read your post! We've missed you and are THRILLED, THRILLED, THRILLED to hear that a) your scans are clean and B) that your nausea is under control (I know how miserable you were for what seemed like an eternity!

Not happy to read about the hearing problems--I hope they can take take of this lickety split.

Still HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY to read your post and, as Don stated, "See your smilin' face".


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Francine, I got your pm and this is great news! YOu have made my day for today. So happy the tests show great....

Buddy had lost some hearing also. Before he took sick he had lost some but after the whole head radiation, he lost more. A lot more.....

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There you are! Thanks for checking in and letting us know how you're doing. You hang in there. Becky's right, we do miss you in chat. She won't really behave and now she's got Lillian going, but come anyway. :P

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So glad to hear all of your good news. I hope they find something easy to fix in your spine. I love the smile on your picture and now I can "see" you really looking that way. So very glad about the nausea....keep eating and keep in touch.


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