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Cheryl's 2nd surgery (Tues.7-6) uodated (Thurs.7-8)


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A note to let you know that Cheryl is doing well in post surgery. She is still in pain but steadily feeling better. She is not a candidate for the GVAX... The government won't allow for tumors to be taken out of the chest wall area for samples to make the vaccine even though they had the chest area already open. Makes no sense to me either. Hopefully we will have her home in the next couple of days, she will fill you in on the rest. Thanks again for thinking of her.


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Thanks for the update Jack. So glad to hear that Cheryl's surgery went well and that she is feeling a little better.

Too bad the GVAX didn't work out. There is a reason for everything, even if WE don't know what it is. Keep the faith.


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Say what?????? What kind of policy is that? I dont understand any of this crazy rigamarole.

I thought they took effusion from Cherly, too. Cant they use that.

Anyway, I am thinking of you both and yes, I am kind of mad at the governmet for having a crazy rule like that.


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