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Ray's Surgery


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Hi all,

Ray asked me to write to you all in order to keep you posted on his surgery. Ray's surgery went well and as expected. The doctor told us that he removed the adrenal gland and that the tumor was not attached to any other organ, nor did he see signs of cancer in his liver, intestines and pancreas. He was very positive and felt Ray's recovery should be good. He is resting in an ICU unit mainly to get the level of nursing care overnight that the doctors wanted for him. I want to thank you all personally for all the support you have/are giving my baby brother through these difficult years. As much as we all love him, we cannot understand nor give him the support that you all can. You are a big part of what makes him keep truckin. For that we are grateful. Thank you, Aggie, Ray's sister

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Thank you for letting us know about Ray. We really do care about each other, and it can be disconcerting to know about an upcoming surgery, but not know the results. I am very happy to learn that he is doing well and that there are not other apparent mets. This is reason to have a big celebration when he is recovered from this surgery.

Best Wishes,

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