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Snowflake.....got cake?


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You should, you know....cuz you gotta have someplace to put those birthday candles....eh? :wink:

Happy birthday! And many, many, many more Beck!! Hope your day is full of smiles and happy thoughts and presents!!!! Let's not forget the presents!! 8)

Enjoy...and if the cake is chocolate....don't let the puppy have any!

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Thanks - I'm ever so patiently awaiting my gift from you!

IS there any cake besides chocolate?

I read that chocolate is toxic for dogs in the amount of one ounce per eight pounds of dog. With those statistics, when I got her, even SMELLING chocolate would have made her very, very sick. She's getting close to being able to snitch almost three ounces with no ill effects - she's going to be a MOOSE! With her chocolate coloring, make that MOUSSE!

Me and the Fab Four are rocking out here with the ol' birthday song....air guitaring right along...LOL

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