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Please let me know how you like or dislike the new site look


Do you like the new site format?  

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  1. 1. Do you like the new site format?

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Guest cbysea1

The site looks very professional and it is easy to navigate through the threads.





Very nice..... it will take some getting used to because of the familiarity with the old look.... but I like it !


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I appreciate the work you put into this board and the time it took to update the look. However, I'm in the minority and I do not care for the new and improved format. I felt the other board looked and felt "warmer". This one IS professional, but also seems cold. I liked the warmer colors better.


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I like the look, great job. On our lap top we are running netscape and eveyting is pushed in side ways. The screen shows 2/3 board and 1/6 white space on each side. When I get to the desktop computer, I'll let you know what M.S. Internet Explorer shows.


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Very Nice Rick, I like the format, and all, but the colors just dont seem to fit for some reason. Will you update the ask the expert forum to match this one? I do like the color scheme there. Opps just read snowflakes post, and she had it, yes it seems cold. Also I have noticed that only when you are in ask the experts can you see if you have any new messages, but on the front page you must actually go into your mailbox to check. Is there anyway to have it the same way as in ask the experts?

I guess I am just one of those who doesnt do change to well. I am just thankful you guys are here doing this no matter what color you choose.

God Bless


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Thanks for all the feedback.

I will be continuing to update the site and eventually get all areas to match i.e. Chat, ask the experts and so on. I just wanted to get this out and get some feedback..

I am sure that most have noticed that some of the site is not 100% i.e. the BIO's, Events and so on are not completed, but I am continuing to get every piece completed.

I appreciate everyones honesty on the likes and dislikes.



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I like the new colors. But as I pm'd Rick I don't like the narrow format. John, I am on a desk top under AOL and it is alot of white on both sides.

It is like reading newspaper column. Like the book size better. Just one old lady's eyes opinion.

But I do like the new colors alot.

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Ok well I am on our desk top and I am scrunched up. White space all around, is it like that for everyone else? It's bugging me the screen isn't filled up and I have all this white space around. I did like the other colors...but I can adjust :wink:

I'm shrinking....

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