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Bronchoscope shows NO new tumor


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It's been such a long day of fasting, nail biting and finally relief. We're turning in early tonight, but not a moment before I can tell you all that Bill's scope went well and the pulmonologist didn't think that the "area of concern" on the scan was anything more than an infection. Tests will come back early next week to confirm and he'll be scheduled for another PET scan just to be certain...but what a good feeling to hear that it is "most likely" not a recurrent tumor.

I cannot thank everyone enough for the good wishes and prayers. We could feel them and they made me feel strong. As a result, I was very strong today and I know that gave my husband a great deal of comfort. Thank you all for sharing your strength with me.

Love and a weekend of many celebrations to all....

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Hi - I just was able to ready your posting. Congratulations! I hope you "really" celebrated last weekend. I think I'll celebrate for you "this weekend" since I may have missed the party.

Good things do happen to good people.


PS - Ron had his MRI yesterday - they called him within the hour to say that the picture was fuzzy and that the onc. wants it repeated with dye. I panicked of course, but what we don't know is if the tech. forgot to inject the dye. This "worrier" has to assume the worst before all the facts are in. He's going back today for the repeat MRI. I appreciated your welcoming note when I signed up. It really helps to feel like you're a part of a team.


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