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Bad News

Remembering Dave

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Oh David (and Karen),

I am so sorry to hear this. I do know how you feel. That's how we felt last June when we learned that in addition to the lung and brain, my husband had it in his spine, pelvic area, shoulders, ribs and bones, and also the pericardial and pleural effusions. In his case, it was probably there since dx, but no PET scan was done since there weren't problems in those areas and treatment would have been the same anyway.

Please borrow some hope from the fact that his cancer is still there, but stable, and he is doing well, and also that small cell is even more receptive to chemo than non-small cell. You could be NED in just a few short weeks. A person has to grab hold of hope ANYWHERE they can find it.



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Suck a duck. I have been trying to think since you posted of what to say, but I have not come up with anything yet except that I am praying really hard for the Chapmans!!! You already have FAITH, beautiful FAITH, and with FAITH this battlte shall be conquered.

Lots of love to Dave, Karen, Faith, Beckycw and the rest of the family

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So sorry to hear this. This small cell is so sneaky, Doesn't seem to want to give you a break, but just think of it as another bump in the road, and get ready for the fight again. You are young and strong, and small cell is weak and runs for the hills, from chemo and radiation.

You and your family are in my prayers.


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Maybe speaking out of turn BUT..............Finally talked to Karen tonight about Dave. Just wanted to bump this back up and get some extra prayers going! Hope Dr. Schwartz can pull something out of his *ss to fix this one!

I'm with ya Dave! Holding hands and kicking *ss! We can do this! I'm nasty and your bigger then all the doctors......let's go get them!!!!!

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