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You guys,

In your prayers, can you say a small one for my little grandbaby? He isn't even a year old and has a heckuva respiratory infection, came home from the doctor today to a Nebulizer. He's thisclose to being in the hospital and we don't want to see that happen to the little guy.

His name is Nathaniel - and you can say a quick one for his mommy and daddy, too, if that isn't too big of an imposition.




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Oh that is soooo hard to watch those little tikes go through that. :(:(:( Both my Grandkids had lots of UR Infections the first 3 years of there lives. They are growing out of it now.(Thank GOD)! It just broke my heart to see them go through all that. And to put them on a Neb as well. I'm sure he'll be just fine! Tough little stinkers they are!

Adding my prayers.

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